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There so numerous commodities that I adore about Clarke County High School. This is a school that is concern about you, your grades, and helping you with a higher understanding of learning. They also is concern about your college readiness. Clarke County always try to assist and aid young students. Only change I would make for Clarke County is school spirit.
My experience at Clarke County High School was not bad, but it was not good either. There were not that many clubs and activities that students could choose. As a result, it was hard to make the students application competitive against students from other schools.
There's nothing I dislike about my school. Although high school certainly can be "the best years of our lives," even an awesome year will have its lows. The best part of it all, though, is the fact that life goes on. My school Is a very wonderful school. The teachers are really dedicated to teaching us. We offer many elective classes, sports and extracurricular activities. It's a very good learning experience. As your high school years wind down to a close, it’s easy to feel like each semester and every day goes by faster and faster. But don’t let high school pass you by. You'll find yourself looking back on experiences when things didn't work out and saying, "That is who I was, and this is who I am now."
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Clarke County High School is the only public school in the small town of Grove Hill, Alabama. The teacher are lazy and neglect the needs of their students. Now that I am in college, I realize how much I actually was not taught during my years at this school. They were supposed to give me a basis that I could learn more from not just a class to sit in every day for four years. I feel truly cheated.
Clarke County High School is the best school I've ever been to. I love the support at my school we always support one another academically and with extracurricular activities. One thing I would like to see change is the recognition and rewards. You can be one of the most intelligent person at school and not get recognized. Also you can be a hard worker and never get a reward for your hard work.
It's a nice small public school. There are a lot of strict rules, but that is to be expected. I sometimes wish the teachers would teach a little bit better , but they are exceptional. Most of the students here are well behaved. The principal tries to find ways to make high school fun without giving us much freedom. Overall it has been an okay experience for me.
The students here are very friendly.
Its great for the students.
The security here is very high quality and very protected.
This is really is a good school for students to learn, play sports, and so much more. Everyone here earn good grades and the teachers are very good at teaching and helping students learn.
Most parents are very concern about there children education.
The teachers at this school teach very well.
What makes Clarke County High School unique; teachers, students, activities. Here at Clarke County we involve students in many activities. Whether its after school or during. The teachers achieve the goal of making bonds with all of their students. Why wouldn't I choose this school is that Clarke County lacks a lot of things such as extracurricular activities of course they have the main sports, but not every students is available or able to play those sports. This school limits themselves to only a few things.
they stress health and safety all day everyday. They have no choice cause the kids have so much stuff going on.
The food service is okay. it may not be the best food in the world but when you are hungry it will get the job done.
when it comes to dress code the principal is extremely strict. She does not like absence she stresses the importance of attendance everyday. When it comes to bullying they are very hard on us about it because since day one they have told us to treat others the way you would like to be treated. if we couldn't say something nice we weren't supposed to speak at all.
they give a lot of fitness opportunity but most people take advantage of it and don't do as they should with what they have.
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I have to say that all the teachers at this school are magnificent in every way. They go out of the way to make sure we learn. They make sure before they send us into this world that we are more than ready. They make sure that if everyone doesn't want to go to college will still succeed in life no matter what all they have to do is work hard. they teach us to work hard for what we want and strive to make that goal and to go on to fulfill or dreams. I love each and everyone of the teachers at Clarke County High With all my heart because they have done everything possible to make sure I succeed in life.
to me my school has the best is the best and does their best in everything we do. I love the opportunities that we are given. we have LEO club which deals with helping the community and the people in it. FCCLA helps show us how life should be and shows us great leadership skills. We have a great administration support system. The best of it all is the after school activities we have extreme fun at practices and games. The pep rallies are the most exciting when preparing for a game.
All the clubs involves community service.
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