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Clarke County High School Reviews

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Clarke County needs to incorporate a sex ed into their grade 9 and 10 health classes instead of focusing so much into having students name and know the bones in the human body.
Good small-town school with several different athletic and academic extracurricular activities. However, administration is only average, and while there are great teachers at the school, there are also some ineffective teachers as well, and we don't see the administration do anything about it.
Clarke County High School is in an area where I feel safe. The high school community is like your own family. The teachers truly care about your future and want you to succeed as an individual. I highly recommend the school.
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I like how small the school is but I wish it would have more support towards the fine arts. For example, band, choir, theatre, and art are all given very little attention in comparison to our football team.
I enjoyed my experience at Clarke County High School, I believe the school prepared me well for college which I am currently enrolled in. Teachers and staff are supportive of students in their academic needs and goals.
Clarke County High School is pretty good, the teachers know what they are talking about and there are not very many violent encounters, however the administration does not deal with harassment well.
I've had a wonderful 4 years at Clarke County High School. The teachers were supportive and it was an overall good school to attend.
Great new building, enthusiastic teachers, and small enough so that you know everyone around you. The marching band and choral programs are fantastic, I was part of both of those all throughout high school. The food is a bit low quality to save money so I packed lunch everyday but overall it's a great school.
used to be way better than it is now mostly due to the administration and how they run the school and are trying to keep it out of the modern era by doing things such as banning cell phones
Most things are ok. However scheduling and the lack of guidance makes it difficult to schedule and stay on target. My career and college guidance was a personal meeting with my parents and counselor. Was 5 minutes long and was given brochures read on my n.
Everyone is accepted. Small school means yyou know everyone.
Athletics and band are the primary things to do. No support for other activities.
Overall I still liked going here. Mainly because of the small size.
Generally they are good teachers. However there is too much favoritism. Once you start to struggle they lose interesting you.
I would definitely choose this school again. I feel like the environment is very different from other school's I have been too in the the students love it and are happy. The education is great and the encouragement to get involved in extra curricular activities is awesome. My favorite experience so far was meeting my guidance counselor. She has already spent so much time trying to get me into scholarship programs and giving me information and resources to help. I think that having that support and attention really encourages kids to work towards achievement.
The best thing about this school is the personal attention and focus that teachers give to students. Some of the teachers are known to go fast or be difficult to keep up with, but the majority of the time they give you the opportunity to improve your grade through redo assignments, extra assignments, or extra credit which is amazing. Teaching styles are very different. Some teachers teach through videos or reading, and others require the students to be able to learn through just listening, so it takes some major focus for students who prefer one style over the other.
Most the teachers I had while in Clarke County were very knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. Of course everyone has those few teachers that aren't quite as helpful, and there were just one or two of them. Overall though, all the teachers I had were wonderful and always reasonable!
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There are always things going on after school for people to choose from and it is amazing.
I actually like the sort of people working at my school enough that I may return to teach English after I receive my degree.
At my school I am able to be part of the IB program, and in although I am simply a certificate candidate, I believe I am far more prepared for college because of the effort the teachers put into my learning experience.
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