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Clarkdale Attendance Center Reviews

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I loved seeing people act as a family. At Clarkdale, we are such a small school that everyone has the opportunity to come together and serve the school as one.
Clarkdale is a great school to get involved in multiple activists whether you are an athlete or not you can be apart of something.
Clarkdale is genuinely the best school around. Ask anyone who went there and every single person would tell you that clarkdale is like a second family. I moved to clarkdale my third grade year and instantly fell in love. The teachers that i had all through elementary and high school are the reasons i fell in love with teaching. im not quite there yet, but soon i will be back at clarkdale, not as a student but as a teacher. #weloveourbulldogs
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It honestly is not that great but it was a liveable 4-year experience. I recommend they get some young teachers with fresh ideas. Although the main young teachers we have are not blessed in the area of teaching, but they try really hard. I look forward to leaving soon.
Clarkdale is a wonderful school with unforgettable experiences. The memories have not stopped since I have been attending that school. I would not hesitate to choose Clarkdale High School over any school.
The teachers at Clarkdale High School are amazing and wonderful at what they do. They teach to were every student can comprehend what's going on. It is an amazing environment over all.
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