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Teachers who look for and help foster student's gifts, interests, and aspirations. Strong visual arts and theatre programs. Excellent English and Math instructions. Light on computer software, engineering, and music. Great school and adminstration.
It was a horrible experience overall. Most of the faculty were a joke and it was just an all around waste of time and money. Take a closer look before choosing to attend this school.
Not like any school I have ever seen. The teachers are actual participants in my child education. When my son needs help he can actually call them and they actually answer. He is safe and his peers are kind and supportive. Amazing technology and theater program the art program looks excellent as well but not what my child is interested in. Nothing like public school. My Child has grown and felt supported. Beyond amazing executive functioning support.
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The Clark School, in my opinion is a poor school to go to. The teachers pick favorites give away things called "lunch bunches" for no reason, even when they say I wont give it away and they do. The school is terrible, as a middle school and elementary school student there for the past 4 years i've been here, it's been terrible. Kids at school are terrible friends, some are good if you've known them before or for awhile and you trust them. Kids love to pick fights with others, the teachers don't even make you feel welcome most of the time. If you were bullied or hit by a 7-8th grader the teachers would pick the older kid, the reason why is that; A. They'd pick Favorites, or B. They'd always trust the "older and more mature person" some of the kids aren't even mature and just plain out annoying to be around. At recess the school doesn't even take care of their basket ball hoops, their field, and the equipment, honestly the kids do more than them.
This school may have saved my life. I transferred halfway through my junior year, severely depressed, suicidal, and socially anxious. Clark School has helped me grow not only as a student but as a whole person. My teachers encourage me to go above and beyond, my classmates are kind and compassionate, and my classes are fascinating and challenging. My only regret is that I had not come to Clark School sooner.
I go to the middle school at the moment, and it's crazy expensive. My parents work hard for me to be here, but I want to get out. I feel sheltered, treated like a baby, and the staff picks favorites. Not diverse at all, privileged kids who have it easy are everywhere you turn. The cold can make me feel nauseous, and in certain rooms there is absolutely no heating. As a result, I feel awful in the winter. I've seen the high school as well, and there's about five kids per room. It's crowded, and really odd in a way. After a week or so, you've seen every face there is to see. Memorized every inch of every hallway (about three hallways). You make friends with people you don't want to be friends with. But, you can't just walk away from your current group, because there's no avoiding them, even if you don't have any classes together. It's more of a special snowflake homeschooling program than an actual school. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
I'm very happy to go here. I learned so much more in a year here than I did in all my years before, both about myself and about the subjects I took this past year. Because it's such a small school, staff gets to know you incredibly well and that plays a huge advantage in you getting into the school and the place in your life that you desire - there are students who go to 4-year liberal arts colleges, visual and performing arts colleges both of which are strong programs at Clark, even MIT and WPI have happened for those inclined towards engineering. It's also interesting to me that you can be taught Physics by someone with a masters in Physics, not Education which is the default in public. Though, because it's so small, AP classes and sports cannot be produced for general consumption and instead need to be done independently. So while it's a bit trickier doing these things at Clark it's not impossible and if you show that these things are so important to you, it's a good look.
pros: small private school with a "family" feeling, small classroom sizes, teachers are wonderful,

cons: no direct sports, no AP courses, no national recognition awards ie honors society,
There are very limited options. They have some unique clubs that most schools don't have but still don't have very many options.
There isn't really a school nurse and I'm unaware of any health programs or resources (other than "athletic clubs") but there is a strong policy prohibiting bullying and personal safety is held highly.
Freshman year and sophomore year were great. Junior year and senior year were pretty average.
The teachers at this school are very involved with the students and really care about their jobs. They do not teach to tests, like many public schools do, but rather teach to fit the students' needs and goals. The learning approach is very individualized and teachers give each student the attention they deserve in order to succeed.
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