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Clark Montessori High School Reviews

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Very good teachers, very diverse in many ways. In some eyes may not be very diverse. School is very easy to get around. Their are 2 class rooms per communities, but the classrooms are divide by a dry erase board slide wall. Very good at forming leadership. Lots of kids from west side-not many from eastside. There are some arguments that go between student and teacher, some might even say that some kids bully others quite often, some say kids act very inappropriate towards one another, definitely better than walnut hills high school. & 7th grades probably the hardest but as you go into the higher grades, kids mature and school is much more smother. When kids act up in class, they are to standout in hall, until teacher says to come in. 10/10 band, very creative.
Very few schools are like this place. I have been allowed to travel to very neat places and experience real life things. The teachers work with there students and are helpful. The administration needs lots of work and needs to advocate more for their students
The idea of Clark is great. But the execution of the whole Montessori vision falls flat sometimes. The teachers should have a better connection with the students and focus more on what they want out of school . The school spirit lacks a lot but the academics are rigorous. One thing that really stands out is the amount of focus and guidance you receive from your counselors. Building is small. No special amenities. Limited parking.
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I enjoyed the intercessions, traveling, camping and the job shadow experiences. I also enjoyed that it was a diverse environment that included students with a variety of ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.
I don't like how the french teacher yells at you and nobody else, and i don't like that the junior high teachers make everybody leave because they give damn near more work than the highschool teachers.
More diversity within the students would be nice. The intersessions were cool but they should provide financial aid/scholarships for them especially since they're required.
As a montessori school Clark prides itself on encouraging creativity and innovation in their students...until high school. Then the role of individualized approaches and room for personalized exploration dissapears and everything becomes about college prep. Now this isn't bad but it can be decieving to parents who want something different than the standard one size fits all approach.
I like the intersession we do in both the fall and spring semesters. I have gotten to travel a lot and learn things outside the classroom. The administration isn't the best here though. I like the smallness of it also. Principle enforces the wrong rules and doesn't allow the students voices to be heard.
Clark Montessori is hands on learning school that teaches kids to love learning and prides itself with the strong student to teacher connections that they build.
This is the first public montessori high school in the country and does a great job at learning in collaboration with others, learning by applying principles in real world situations, and learning how to be better citizens.
The challenges with this school many times comes from trying to mesh montessori principles with requirements of the Cincinnati Public Schools district requirements and the State of Ohio's ever-changing testing "guidelines"/ mandates. It sometimes makes it difficult to have enough time for teaching concepts. The teachers, however, are incredibly dedicated and work extremely hard to teach under compressed time situations.
The teachers are superb but management is a pain in the butt. The administration is pretty bad but as long as you never get in trouble your fine. trouble is getting in trouble is pretty easy with a bunch of bad rules. There are few activitys but there are a couple clubs like mock trial which I was a part of for a while. School cultures kind of gone down over the year I guess its just "kidz these days" as they say or maybe us seniors are just really negative. Overall the schools pretty good and prepares us for college pretty well
In the 6 years of Clark i have learned the five Montessori goals. we also go on a lot of field experiences out the country or off school grounds. each year we do intersession that haves student explore the world deeper than just in the classrooms. our teachers are all about community and Montessori. we are one of the only public Montessori school there is. we are located in an amazing rich neighborhood but we are also a very small school. our school contains around 600 students and that is including junior high and high school. we have special programs that get the special needs involved with the rest of t he students in the school
Clark Montessori really helped kickstart my life in the right direction. They prepared us for college and immersed us in leadership and teamwork with each other. The teachers were relatable and fun to work with. I’m proud to have graduated from there. I just wish things remained the same after I graduated from there.
Very community oriented, does a good job of connecting school lessons to real world applications, small classroom sizes makes it easier to have real classroom discussions about the instructional material, students are held to high expectations and in turn, are treated like young adults (given the freedom to choose where we want to eat inside or outside the school for example), we feel like the teachers really take an interest in us and get to know us, and the culture is one where students encourage each other to do their best-it’s cool to be smart.
Most dedicated teachers in the Cincinnati Public School district. Education is about academics and character.
All teachers and staff are welcoming, I have been in all of the sports basketball, football, track and field. I play the trumpet in Jazz Band. I am in group that is call MORE' [men, organized, respected and educated].
All teachers give there all and more to help each student.
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Clark Montessori promotes team bonding and working together which helps finding friends and great teachers. It is truly a family feeling no matter who you are around.
The teachers are extremely helpful. There is a great sense of Community throughout the entire school.
Clark is making me a leader. I enjoy volunteering in the comunity
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