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Clark Fork Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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At the second semester of my freshman year in high school, I quit attending the more prominently well known high school of my district (Sandpoint High School) and transferred to the small-town high school of Clark Fork by choice. My bus ride is a little longer and every second is worth it. Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School is the most accepting and educationally fulfilling school I could possibly imagine. The teachers not only give each student as much time as they can when their help is needed but as a student I feel respected as a fellow human being by the staff members. I feel as though my opinion and person are accepted and appreciated. The educational system allows students to work as fast or slow as they need which is an outstanding concept. I can excel above and beyond what I had previously thought myself capable. Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School is what I see as the epitome of a perfect place of educational and personal security for aspiring generations.
Clark Fork High School has amazing opportunities, the class sizes are minute compared to other high schools in the area, they also are the only high school in the area that has a track program. The teachers are nice and understanding to students' situations. Also, they are a pilot school for the Mastery Program.
I really enjoy Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School, everyone is so nice here and it is like a big family. I wouldn't want to see anything change.
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It's a good school based on teacher-student interaction but lacks in clubs/organizations.
There could be more athletic opportunities, but we work with what we have.
The teachers are there to help you. They always offer to help after school hours. If you are struggling in a class, they will help.
We really do not have much to offer here for extracurricular activities because of funding issues.
At this school, every one is like a family. You have staff members that work there that not only care about their jobs, but also care about students as well. They are there to help you stay on track, which is what I like best about this school. You can have a more personal/family friendship with everyone there.
The education was terrible in general, but I periodically reflect on things I learned in Mike Turnlund's classes and appreciated his contribution to the school. The rule policy was thousands of times worse, and the students were constantly berated and harassed by "the future" and "college." The principal was blatantly disrespectful and does not merit respect or authority in turn. I have good memories of high school, all of which involve lunch, time wasted in class while the teacher left or left us alone (often) with friends, acquaintances, and other students. Excellent community and friendships, but CFHS ultimately left me with disappointment. It did not prepare me for 'the real world.' It left me with a very bitter perception of a year or two of my life. I enjoyed participating in sports and the class dynamic. In the end, CFHS turned me loose with a terrible life lesson, and it's this: why try? Why try to actually learn when fabricated answers on a test will achieve you the same result? Why try your best and put your maximum potential into something when less than a quarter of that will get you the same grade? Clark Fork taught me that people will judge you how they see you and little can sway them from that. I guess that's real-world truth for you. It doesn't matter how hard you do or don't work, if someone likes you, you're good enough. If they don't, no matter how you do work, you're never gonna be good enough. Pretty sad.
I always brought food from home. One time I tried a chicken nugget and was greatly displeased with it, so proceeded to spit it out. The oriental food made by the wonderful Korean lady was excellent.
I did not often find myself in need of the nurse's services. Occasionally I would lay in the dark room on the mattress if I had a headache.
Most of the teachers are actually really friendly, nice, respectable people. They're likeable as people and seldom go out of their way, unlike the principal, to give the students a hard time. Unfortunately, they make terrible teachers. Many are old. This isn't necessarily bad, but it means they've been teaching the exact same way for 40 years and they just don't care anymore if their kids get it or not. Some teachers are fun or interesting as people and are great for a nice chat, but can't do much beyond lecture and "grade" tests. I say that in quotation marks because outside of multiple choice, most teachers won't actually read your responses. Apparently they have better things to do. They do not command respect and will not accept responsibility when their students are struggling. The grading is inconsistent and often obviously biased by the teacher's personal feelings. They are all harassed by the principal, who is constantly putting them under pressure and breathing down their necks. It's genuinely no surprise that they're all as miserable as they are, but that feeling carries down to their students and provides no motivation to learn. It's an extremely apathetic, underpaid group out there at CFHS.
There was no more race/orientation bullying than you'd expect from high school students; overall it was a very accepting environment. There were very few walls between social groups or people you could acquaint yourself or socialize with, even by grade.
Overall, the school is so small that the staff is forced to double up and teach subjects they're not qualified or experienced in. They also don't care about these subjects and make little effort beyond the motions to make sure their students are learning it. The block program (four alternate classes every other day) is a good system, but much of the staff is lazy or puts more emphasis on unrelated side projects in a desperate attempt to make themselves or the school look good than in actually educating their students and preparing them. This means the ridiculous emphasis on ISATs and standardized test scores, Dual Credit, and the "Patriot's Pen" or "Voice of Democracy" essay competition from the local VFW post. Students are forced to attend mandatory tutoring or suffer detention if they fail to complete or turn in biweekly "progress reports" that harass both staff and students. Staff usually write down an arbitrary grade because, as said, the learning and teaching environment are both incredibly apathetic.
This school did not prepare me at all for college. It beat me over the head with knowledge about how to get into one, but once I was accepted (a much easier process than claimed) it was due to my own success as a student rather than any of my experiences at this high school that enabled me to succeed. Nobody taught me how to register for voting, pay my taxes, or get an apartment; but that's pretty typical for most high school educations. From a strictly scholastic standpoint, I walked out of CFHS with little applicable knowledge.
Extracurricular doesn't extend much beyond sports. Drama club sporadically exists and Academic Decathalon used to attend regular meets successfully. Yearbook and Journalism are dead.
We have open campus so i have only eaten at this school a handful of times and every time it has been average.
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this is an amazing school. i have no complaints with this school. my experience with this school has been amazing.
depending on what teacher is being evaluated, some are much better than others.
i am not involved in sports or a PE class but i attend the games and the performance is more than exceptional.
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