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Clark County High School Reviews

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My experience was good overall. Some teachers weren’t the best in their teachings or sometimes were not fair to other students, but it has a great facility and treated everyone pretty much the same.
Depending on the classes depends on the workload. Harder classes have more work..
There is alot of parent involvement and the school is very informative about activities.
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Teachers participate with the children for after school activities also they make time for the students.
The school is very strict for some people and not so strict for others. It is like any other school where there is still favoritism in a name. No matter how many practices some boys go to and how many some miss depending on there name depends on if they play or not.
All doors are locked except the front door and its rite by office so they see everyone comes in and u got sign in at office for safety and if you got any problems the school is willing to listen and talk to people that are involved and get it all resolved
I can't describe just one there so many teacher here that will come in early or stay after to help you with work you not understanding or just plain out need extra help that's why its nice to go to small schools
There a lot of business classes and trade classes and home classes such as cooking sewing child devolpement and allbasic classes such as math la science scoial study you name it we got it we offer some college classes also
There alto of different clubs like SADD,NHS,student council, key club ,medic FBLA there is club types for everyone there lots of fun and sponsors give lots of fun and support
Most teachers are there to help and a few are just there for a pay check or to coach
I feel like Clark County wasn't all about my education. It all revolves around sports.
My son joins every activity and works outside of school. Goes to every practice for his activities and still has a hard time making friends.
Able to talk to any teacher or admin. any time.
Since adding the extra food it is more expensive, but better.
Continue with overwhelming work load at times.
Love the size of the school and how far people come. Meet variety of people due to small areas
Could use more involvement with real life day to day activities.
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Students are to be seen and not heard for the most part. In some classes opinions are valued, not so much in others.
Football and basketball and baseball are huge in my school more varsity participation than anything though.
Only a few African Americans not alot of different cultures it is rural living.
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