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The school is falling appart in my eyes , we had basically no nurse for thr majority of the school year , no principle or frequently changing our principles , only one person in the main office. The only good experience at the school is some teachers did care and performed well in the class room. As far as after leaving the school they do not care about students afterwards, once they no longer have u as a student they can care less , you can call thr school a million times to get paper work you need and its like pulling teeth. Also on the school interview they will tell younthey have many activities for the students , they do not.
The school has a phenomenal marching band that is also open to the community
The student teacher ratio is better than most. However the level of engagement needs improvement. I do feel that there are a handful of faculty that see the potential of some of the students past there challenges and work with them to progress towards improvement and help broaden there perspectives about themselves and others.
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the school does provide security. The nurse has communicated with me on a as needed basis.
It seems like the school is more reactive to violence and fighting. As opposed to being proactive. My son has often communicated that he feels that the majority of the staff doesn't really care, as long as they follow the law and nobody gets hurt they could care less what happens. Yet a lot of behaviors and activities happen regularly in the school undetected on a regular basis
This school is an alternative placement school for students with behaviorial challenges and learning disabilities. Limited focus on excelling or engaging students to pursue academic progress. I have partnered with my child's guidance counselor to adjust my child's courses to target a nys regents diploma. She has been extremely supportive and wonderful. My concern is for the other students who may not have a parent or guardian advocate. For them the success for them academically is left up to them. Which will be overshadowed by the environment plus the current challenges they experience. In other words they just fall through the cracks.
worst i have ever seen
my band the marching cobras is doing superbowl this year
my school is a great school the teachers care its just our school needs money
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