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Clarion Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the fact that Clarion is a school that is big on sports, clubs and just extracurricular activities. If I could change one thing about clarion high school is the bullying and racism. It would be absolutely no tolerance.
There is a lot of bullying at Clarion Area, which administration usually ignores. Classes are centered on passing tests, not truly learning and retaining the information presented to students. Teachers are feared and not seen as helpful when students are in need of assistance.
I love my high school. This school has provided me with so many amazing opportunities. I have had amazing teachers who impacted me so much that I have decided to choose education as my major in college. Along with my amazing and supportive teachers, my guidance counselor has also helped me in pushing me to take many courses and to try my absolute best.
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My experience at Clarion was not the perfect high school experience, but was not awful by any measure. I was able to take classes I was interested in and met a few wonderful teachers whose positive influence and encouragement still motivates me today.
At Clarion Area High School I felt there was significant room for improvement in promoting academic activities such as Science Olympiad and Robotics. However, Clarion's involvement in the arts is very high, and I am always impressed to hear about the accomplishments of our musicians, dancers, artists, and more. Though I believe there is an imbalance between the importance of sports and other extracurriculars, we did very well for a rural high school of our size in encouraging students to involve themselves with their interests.
I liked the school because us was in a small town and everyone got to know each other really well. The teachers and administrators could be sub par at times but there were a few that stood out and really looked out for the students.
Good school as teachers do above the normal to prepare kids for the next level. Food lacks as kids need a more variety to substain themselves.
Many teachers are very driven and devoted, some just try to get by and only have a teaching job because they coach sports. Many of the teachers are using extremely outdated curriculum; the language classes were using books from the early nineties in 2016. Some teachers overload on homework, but for the most part they assign a relatively manageable amount. Figuring out scheduling can sometimes be a huge hassle if you're really trying to fit in certain classes. Some teachers offer study sessions during study halls or after school before big tests.
Since the neighborhood is relatively safe, the school itself remains quite safe. The only measures taken, however, are locked doors at entry that you only have to push a button to open, and police monitor the halls for a couple hours a day. Students do undergo "training" in order to understand how they should react in the situation of fires, storms, and armed intruders.
Most of the teachers use the method of group work and I feel like this very helpful because it requires the students to interact with each other and try to solve the problem on their own.
The art program is wonderful with an awesome teacher!
This school prefers to put emphasis on chosen sports and does not support all equally. The emphasis on education is highly lacking once entering the Jr. high/Sr. high. Entire class periods can be spent listening to teachers / coaches discuss upcoming sporting events.
Art History club has made high school bearable.
I don't like the people, I'm ready to leave.
A lot don't actually teach, they use printed notes
No security for students and teachers except locking door and sign in.
There is very little to do and it's $100 pay to play. Many kids either can't afford or pay but don't get a chance to ever play.
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Every day is different. Sometimes parents support programs and other times they aren't. The school struggles with money and discipline and technology gets in the way of education.
They teach very well. They have good communication skills just need to be more consistent with grading.
I have went to school with the same kids for the last 12 years. There is a divide between financial standings, sports teams and artistic and academic. Kids are just mean and everything is so socially and financially driven. It's no longer about looking inside the book(person) because most kids won't even get past the cover (outer appearance)! There is too much emphasis on sports and not enough on academics and community based events.
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