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I had an amazing time in Clarendon. As a community here in Clarendon, I see our community together having a great time. Especially during Sports.
It was a safe environment as well an great academic experience. When new students transferred to Clarendon High a School they seem as if they enjoyed the atmosphere that comes with it. The teachers do well with their job and give a family-like feeling towards students. The lunch wasn’t so good but they had snacks that could be purchased.
Clarendon High School has amazing teachers that will go out of their way to help the student, and an excellent basketball program!
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I have been going to CHS since the 7th grade and now I am in 12th. I am going to college next year and people at CHS are super supportive and help me out with it.
I have attended Clarendon High School since the 7th grade. I am now a senior. My experience at CHS has been a rough patch and it's been great. Everyone has gone through something to get where they're at. The teachers and other faculties are amazing. Over the years I have grown and I thank my teachers for that.
I enjoyed how Clarendon High School has helped prepare me for college and how it has helped me think about what I want to do in my future I would like for the rules to change a little more because students need to know how it is at college.
Clarendon High School is a small school in the Delta region of Arkansas. I have attended Clarendon School District since kindergarten. Clarendon High School is a friendly, very family oriented district with a great learning enviroment. My time at Clarendon High has been nothing less than great. Not only are we all friends at CHS, we are family! I look forward to making more memories as I close out my chapter here at Clarendon High as I will soon begin my college career. I am also excited to hear the positive stories my younger siblings will get to experience at this school system!
I have had an overall decent experience at this school. However, the entire time i've been here, many of the teachers only stay for one year and athletics seem to be pushed more than academics.
When I first started school here in 10th grade, I thought that the school campus was pretty big to have so little amount of students. As my school years went along, I grew to like it. The teachers are great and they know all the students. This year they have major plans to change up the school so stay tuned.
This school was good with the male principal that was there. Things were being addressed and children weren't treated like prisoners. The new principal however seems to not really care about the education of the students but rather discipline. The teachers aren't the best, and there are quite a few fights there. Which in my opinion could be handled better by the adults in charge. The lunches are horrible. There's not enough to even fill a portion of your stomach, and not to mention I don't think satan himself would touch the food. All in all I would have to say the worst thing about this school is the security. The constant feeling of having to watch your back and the feeling of if anything were to happen, you'd pretty much be overlooked.
no education value at all
We don't have any security but whenever a fight occurs most males break it up
My favorite thing about this school is that most of the people who attend it having been going to Clarendon public schools since kindergarden. So it was easy to maintain a social life. But I dislike how a few of the teachers just sit at their desks instead of teaching. Some teach, but wont lend help to those who didnt get it the first time
Our school building is in bad condition compared to other schools. And the teachers are here only to get a check. I cant speak for anyone else, but for me its just encouragement to graduate. So that when I have kids they wont have to endure this experience.
There aren't really many sports or clubs to choose from. There is only football, basketball, cheer, and soccer.
This school doesn't provide snacks and there aren't that many options to choose from and they do provide healthy thing like a salad bar.
The principle is very involved in our school and she has so many restrictions on dress code that I really don't understand. She doesn't tolerate bullying at all!!!
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There are extracurricular activities, but I don't know of anyone in my age range that attend them. Mostly junior high kids take parts in clubs.
Our new principal has enforced a lot of new policies such as dress code. And we really dont have any communication with administrators
Some teachers at this school want their students to succeed and go above and beyond for them to succeed. Them some teachers I really don't know if they care or not.
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