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Clarence Senior High School is a great place to learn, grow and achieve success. There are many opportunities for involvement and the teachers are awesome as well!
Love my school every teacher knows me by name. the area seems to be in a bubble and there is a lot of racism that other people don't know about.
The teachers and students are overall great people. There is a lot of school spirit and opportunities, both academic and extracurricular. However, I believe schools in general focus on memorizing facts and creating a mold of students.
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This school offers a lot of opportunities that most high school students do not have. They are really flexible with scheduling courses, offering four different lunch times, and even allowing students to eat in classes.

Given their large endowment, the school offers a variety of special "college-credit" courses through Syracuse University. I personally took the course "Forensics"and obtained college credit for taking it. This course was my favorite experience at Clarence because it included field trips and presentations of real cases, some by police offers.

I took advantage of their AP classes and even self-taught myself AP French and AP Economics because the school didn't offer them. With AP French, a teacher who took it upon herself to supplement me with material, meeting with me weekly.

One downside to Clarence was their lack of diversity. When I attended 97% of the student body was white, which as a minority was really daunting .
It is a great school, we have access to lots of great education and opportunities but it has no diversity.
Personally, Clarence High School set my path to obtaining as much success as I possibly could. There is a large amount of students per grade which helped me to get to know a lot of different people. The staff at Clarence are extremely dedicated to helping their students and making us comfortable. Due to the fact that the school is very large, that expanded the amount of resources available to me and my peers. Although, the classes are large, I still found my learning experience to be seamless.
Great faculty and great environment. It's so easy to get involved. I moved from out of town and found friends that made going away for school hard.
Look at the website, with in a minute you can finish the tour. No resources. If you want to locate contact info it takes a while to get it. They don't update the calendar that you wouldn't find any events info.
They don't offer many classes that are being offered in most HS. For instance in 10th, there is no Ap or H classes in English, Spanish, but surprisingly they offer Ap Psychology. How odd! (even in Clarence MS they never offer advance Eng)
In summer, classrooms are steaming hot since there is no air conditioner or fans (a few rms do).
When it comes to technology equipment, they haven't evolved from prehistoric era comparing it to other school districts.
School buses often pass by without picking up the kids.
Clarence high school is a great place to learn and explore opportunities for college readiness. The teachers truly care about their student's success and perseverance.
I personally did not have the best high school experience. Alot of the kids seem to come from wealth and feel entitled. It did not make for the best experience for me.
I have gone to school in the Clarence School District since I was in Kindergarten. I have had nothing but an amazing experience here. All the faculty and staff I have ever met or talked to want nothing but the best for you. The school is newer and feels very updated and have smart boards in every classroom. Also the athletic fields are brand new turf. There is a brand new stadium with new bleachers and a new turf football field, along with a new gym with new floors, lighting, and mats!
It was challenging. The teachers cared about their students. Whenever any student needed extra help, there were teachers always available and help centers.
My experience with Clarence Senior High School is that most of the teachers are nice and make classes more enjoyable then they would be otherwise. It is easy to find good and nice friends as there are many students who go to Clarence Senior High School.
Clarence High School provides a great learning environment for all students. People who go there can enjoy freedoms while also have access to good teachers and a variety of classes that help you prepare for college. Also, the schools contains dozens of sports and clubs for students to enjoy extra-curricular activity. I look forward to learning something new everyday, while also being allowed to talk to my friends and use my phone in-between classes. Also, there are very few instances of bullying and the school is a very safe place for everybody who goes there. The teachers and staff take safety very seriously, which is very important in the world we live in today.
While I often complain about the lack of diversity at Clarence High School, a problem I have little to no power in changing, Clarence High School is an incredible school. Teachers respond to emails frequently and are always more than willing to meet in private to talk about anything. In addition, Clarence offers a variety of clubs and other extracurriculars, so there's something for everyone. As a member of the Clarence Band Program for eight years now, I can say that it's an incredible experience, and I wouldn't want to play in a band anywhere else.
I think there needs to be adjustments on staff caring more about the students individually and not as much as a group. I also wish that the students were more accepting and more kind to others.
At Clarence High School, the teachers are eager to see you succeed. They are always willing to give a student extra help in order for them to achieve success, and grow academically. The learning environment is engaging and motivates us to do our best. Aside from teachers offering extra help, there are always tutors avalible. Large class sizes make it a bit challenging to some students who are not as assertive as others.
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I would love to see changes in the equal treatment of classes and clubs and activities. instead of favoring sports above everything else.
I had an excellent experience in my four years at Clarence High School. The science department truly helped me explore my passion for biology, anatomy, and life sciences. I have also enhanced my writing and critical thinking abilities in the English classes that I have taken - especially AP Language and Composition and the SUPA Reading and Writing courses. In addition to the engaging academic environment, I loved being a member of the choral department. Treble Chorus and Chorale taught me how to be a leader and work as a team player to create beautiful music. The activities available after school also contributed to my incredibly memorable high school experience. I loved going to football games, the Homecoming dances, the faculty basketball game, and participating in Spirit Weeks. Overall, Clarence High School prepared me very well to pursue a level of higher education and become an engaged and active member of society.
Clarence High School was intimidating at first, but once you become accustomed to the massive size and find your friend group, it becomes a lot smaller and intimate. Loved my time there.
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