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Claremore High School is very good at keeping students involved throughout the school, creating unity between the students and faculty. CHS does this by doing things such as Zebras United Against Cancer and Freshmen Utilizing the Zebra Experience. One thing Claremore High School could be better at is creating a better opportunity for all students to be able to complete online homework.
I loved how faithful the principals are as well as the kindness of the staff in general. It's great how every morning they do pledge of allegiance. They also have a really good IEP program.
I truly adore this school with all my heart. Being in the high school band was such a big part of my high school career, and I wouldn't have been the same without it.
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I really enjoyed my time at Claremore High School. I was involved in various clubs and was glad to have been a part of the Zebra family. The administration was helpful and very supportive, everyone tries their best to help each student. The principals are amazing, the counselors are knowledgeable, and the teachers all care for their students.
My experience with Claremore High School was amazing. They do block scheduling and it gives you the college feel before you get there. They offer free time to get homework done during the day, if needed. The teachers and academics offered have given me the tools I need to succeed in college now.
I have had a great experience at Claremore High School. I have been afforded opportunities in academics, sports, leadership, and fine arts. I feel it has allowed me to be very well-rounded.
Like anything, it is what you make of it. CHS was a dream for me. With an amazing staff, they are always available to help and always did their best to help me accomplish my goals. The music department is exceptional, and I will miss it dearly.
I like the involvement the students have. Most everything is student led, so there are a lot of opportunities to build leadership skills. The teachers are all very passionate about what they do, and they want their students to succeed.
Claremore High School is the epitome of a middle-class school system. Although teacher pay is low, educators within the school to everything in their power in order to help their students understand the material. You always recognize someone you know in the hallways and are greeted with a smile the minute you walk through its doors. Although Claremore may not be as tech savvy as other schools, a student is still guaranteed to succeed with the help of counselors who make sure that no one is left behind despite of their background. Students are seen as more than just a number and become invested in a school that prepares you to thrive for years to come.
It’s trash period. The teachers don’t explain anything. One of them even said they hated everyone in the class and wanted to quit because of us I think that is very unprofessional. They cafeteria can have some improvement too like when they serve the food it is still frozen sometimes. When they make breakfast they only make 30 of the hot meals so when our bus gets there at 8:10am and school starts at 8:15am (that’s when you have to be in class) we don’t get any food and don’t have time to even eat. Which is so messed up because me personally I eat at school and I can’t focus right being hungry. Overall I do not recommend this school at all.
Claremore High School is an amazing school. The teachers make a point to help you with not only school, but any other problems. Our sports teams have progressed so much over the pass 4 years and there is no where else I would rather be
Claremore High School is an Overall great school with great teachers, this school offers AP and honors classes which allows teachers to have smaller class sizes
Claremore offers a positive environment to incoming students, hosting programs such as Freshmen Utilizing Zebra Experience. The faculty and staff members are quick to provide assistance and work with the student's best interest in mind.
I have gone to Claremore Highschool since freshman year, and they have much to offer! They have excellent student groups and activities. There is a club for everyone! Many of the events are student-led, and they try and get as many people involved as possible. Our school spirts outstanding! We cheer on all of our teams at every event with our fantastic student section! I am a proud member of the Claremore Color/Winter Guard, and I have had an extraordinary experience! We have been top three for since my freshman year at all of our contest!
All in all, I really did love claremore high school. Unlike most high school classes, mine was full of many bright minded people who made the environment a much better place. I think the best thing must be some of the teachers they have on hand, as they make or break the experience as a whole.
This school is absolutely terrific. I learn something new everyday. The food is absolutely wonderful. You could even consider it to be gourmet. You can get all the mayonnaise you ever needed.
My experience at Claremore High School was stellar! Despite the declining funding of education in Oklahoma, our teachers and coaches care about us students and making us the best we can be!
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This is my second year attending claremore high school. This school is overall average but could be better. The state refuses to provide an adequate amount of funds to support not only this school but others in the state. The lack of funds has caused education to go down. Teachers are unable to get new books for their classrooms, extra resources, and more. I believe that with an increase of funds, this school could be greatly improved.
I am a senior this year and have a few teachers that needed to be in the classroom more. Coaches teach classes but are always away, coaching. The classroom sizes are good but move quickly and if you don't take notes you are going to be lost.
My Experience with Claremore High School was a little bumpy due to the separation of few different things. There were days when i felt blessed and happy to be a part of such wonderful place and others where I felt unwonted, unnoticed but I do want to say that I was never bullied. The students and the teachers in general are very nice and some are more welcoming than the others. My past forms the present me so I would not wan to change any of that But I'll try my best for a smother experience next year.
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