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I liked the small, family atmosphere. it was a safe environment where kids can be kids without Bullying and caring teachers
The school was a bunch of cliches and I don't fit into that box they wanted all of us to be in. I also miss my yearbooks and memories I missed in not having any clubs or extra curricular activities except sports.
I loved going to school here! I attended from Pre-K to 12th grade. I made lots of good friends and had a wonderful education. I was prepared for real life and college by the time I graduated. Anyone who can should go here!
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Claremore Christian School is a very good school if you're looking for local christianity based cirriculum. They prepare their students for college while putting God first. Teachers are wonderful. Not so much diversity and has some clique issues though.
I wish they had a few more options. We mainly focus on our academics and sports
The school equipped me for my college career. The transition to college was easier than I had expected due to how Claremore Christian prepared me for this new stage in my life
The teachers go above and beyond. they make sure we are engaged, and motivated to do our work. The teachers there are the reason i believe there are still good people out in this crazy world. they are the reason i have decided to become a teacher.
the secretary who operates it, is very friendly and helps whenever
top. school focus so much on sports and leans on it
overall. have to have a strong character, know foundation
security is decent, security cameras
the building is a church thats in poor condition, the teaching is great. the principal though could use a change.
he is good, but could be better
The teacher student ratio is extremely good. Teachers want to help not only academically but personally as well.
My version of great may be different than another's. Since we are a tiny school there aren't many extracurricular opportunities. However, when I join a team, there is a bond there that I've never felt at another school. The teams there become families that will fight for each other on the field or court.
Our teachers really are the best. They care about us and what we will take out of the classroom. Since the classes do require studying they usually try to test on different days. All of them are kind and easy to talk to. I've even talked to them for advice about things not concerning school.
Even though I hate the uniforms, they aren't that bad. Teachers stay on top of it for the most part and there are some ways to earn "free dress". Our principal is great, he is fun but strict when needed. He has high expectations and desires for us to succeed.
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Our school is actually the upstairs of a church and it's nice. A few things need fixed but it works for our tiny school. Teachers are always preparing us for college in any way they can. Parents are very involved as well. Since we are so small, we have no buses.
I don't typically see bullying at my school. Sure, there are sometimes people who don't get along but they usually settle it out. However, another person not from my school looking in, may see our joking around with one another as bullying.
If I could choose my school over again I wouldn't change it. Claremore Christian is the best school I've ever attended. Everyone is free to be themselves. Everyone there loves each other and encourages one another to do their best, it's like a big happy family. Since we are so small, the teachers really have a chance to get to know you. I've even come to them when I need advice about things not pertaining to school. Even though there is a lot of homework, the teachers only give it out because they know it will help us in college.
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