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I am hoping to see more courses that focus on college prep as well as what students can do to prepare themselves for the adult world.
What I liked about Claremont High School is the long passing period. Also the enviroment I felt very safe while I was there.
Claremont High School is well recommended in my opinion because the learning academics of this school are well provided for the students. Staff and faculty are friendly and respected. Teachers in majority of the departments have a well understanding on how to assist their students. Bullying or harassment are not tolerated and has not been an issue while I was still a student there.
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I liked the teachers from Claremont High School. Many of them could be fun and help you learn. Only a few teachers are known to be boring. Office hours offers the chance for students to understand certain material better or catch up on schoolwork. The school provides iPads for a more technological approach to learning. I enjoyed my time in the school with the way I was learning and with good friends.
Claremont High School is a generally typical high school. It is small for a public high school which is a plus. The best part about Claremont High School are some of the teachers, such as Ms. Bodnar and Maestra Suarez, who care so much about their students and have a profound impact on their lives. The IB program is the thing that makes the school seem the most worthwhile as it offers a unique and challenging learning style that offers vast opportunities to students far beyond their high school years.
I’ve seen people go into the Juul room and use it to relieve themselves. Absolutely disgusting! The school does nothing about this abhorrent behavior. I hope you’re happy because you have just lost my business.😡

With worst regards,
The teachers are okay. The psychologist is absolutely horrendous, though. It's an above average school in terms of education, but the faculty is mediocre.
Good overall, people are a little crazy but everything ended up okay. I played sports here and they were not anything crazy. If you're looking for a school with good academics this one is definitely it but if you're looking for a school with good athletics I would recommend you going elsewhere. The teachers were usually pretty good, they think they are the greatest ever which is funny because it is like you are only a high school teacher calm down. The food was whatever but I am assuming you would get that pretty much everywhere else too.
Claremont high school is a great school a very supportive and safe community of students. The staff displays a good balance of discipline and understanding towards students.
Great public high school. There is only one public high school in Claremont. The other option is Webb High School, but Claremont High is just as good as Webb. Academic is pretty challenging but doable
The education at my school is great and there is always challenges that allow me to become a better student. I admired the teacher's dedication and the school staff to help students. The community is very friendly and has a great vibe that I have loved for the past few years.
Claremont High School helped me get into a good college that I like. I enjoyed my time there while it lasted. However, the school lacks in clubs and activities unless you join the big ones like Interact Club and Key Club. Smaller clubs usually disappear as students mostly start them to look good on college applications.
The International Baccualrte program is amazing, however, the rest of the academics are truly lacking. T
I enjoy the campus and the local community, although there is a minor drug problem that is being investigated by the administration.
My expirence in high school is above average. I have been able to maintain good grades. I also participate in many extracurricular activities that enhance my expirence. All the teachers are relatively good, some better than others.
I had a great time here, learned a lot and made a lot of great friends. There were ample resources and activities and the teachers were great. It might be beneficial to hire more counselors, as sometimes it took a while to be able to see a counselor to discuss academics/planning.
It was at CHS that I had some of the greatest teachers I will ever have, but also the worst I will ever have. Teachers such as Glavin, Easton, and Suarez are fantastic, inspiring educators. However, Maria Zavala is the single worst teacher I will ever encounter. Principal O'Connor was kind, helpful, and heavily involved in many different aspects of the school. At a time when many students are scared to go to school due to the recent epidemic of school shootings, I always felt safe and protected at Claremont High School. The Claremont PD were a welcome presence on campus. School-wide events were held often and many efforts were made to include all students in activates. Claremont High School is a fine institution and my experience overall was positive.
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I have had a very enjoyable four years here at Claremont High School. From the staff to the teachers to all the students they all make everyone feel so welcomed at school. Being involved in all school activities is a important part of making your high school experience worth while. I am grateful for the friends and memories I made these past four years. The teachers are very helpful and will go above and beyond to help their students. Playing softball all four years also made high school fun. I have a lot of close teammates and we all play well together. I have played softball for most of my life so it was cool to carry my experience playing to the high school fields.
My experience has been very good nice teachers, good help, I was involved in AVID so I had a lot of helpful resources, I was involved in two different sports, so I was kept busy with wrestling and softball. It was fun and a good learning experience.
Overall, I feel I received an amazing education here for a public school standard. I took advantage of being offered both AP and IB courses and participated in both. I enjoyed all of my teachers and I created a good relationship with my counselor. I feel completely prepared for college and beyond after attending CHS.
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