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May look bad from the outside but overall a nice school. Teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed. Great for those looking for a very diverse school. Great opportunities to work with neighboring colleges for dual enrollment classes. Academics overall are average.
Claremont is a small public school but the administrator always do their best for every student. And for Claremont, getting yr high school diploma matter.
My overall experience at Claremont Academy has been decent. The teachers and administration were good, however there was a lack of school spirit. Claremont could advance by updating their clubs and school activities.
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I've been attending this school since I was in seventh grade , and now I'm a Senior. This school has tested me emotionally, physically and mentally. It's highschool, but going to a school where only about 500 students attend , it's more like a big family.
I've only attended Claremont Academy for about 6 months, but from what I have experienced I like how diverse Claremont Academy is and how it allows students to experience their friends' and classmates backgrounds and cultures. This school, unlike my previous school, offers many AP classes and many opportunities for students to challenge themselves. Some negative attributes in Claremont are how disrespectful the students are to each other and to their teachers. Some students would continue to use their phones even when the teacher would repeatedly tell them to put it away and they would argue and talk back to the teachers, the adults that they are supposed to respect because they take the time to give us knowledge.
Very diverse and welcoming. It's a small school which makes it easy for students to receive help from the teachers. The guidance counselors are great with helping students prepare for college and applications.
My experience at Claremont is something I could never replace with any other experience that can come my way. This place has showed me so much love that I couldn't find. It has helped me develop strong relationships with teachers and nothing but the utmost respect for teachers and school staff members. This school has shaped me to become the person I am today, and it was even more motivating to succeed in this school knowing that all of my six older siblings have graduated from this single neighborhood highschool. If I were to give back my all to the people or places I owe, I owe it all to Claremont Academy for teaching me the ways of life, the academic routes, and the ability to endure so much in my life.
The teacher are great they help you with your work and they teach well
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