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Not welcoming to students who don't fit the mold, and the administration are the worst of all, with each younger grade getting worse about people's differences.
At Clare High School the teachers really care about the students. There have been bad days where I have cried to my teachers because I feel comfortable with them. The teachers also care about whether you understand the material or not so asking the teachers for help is really easy to do. The classes are all pretty different and the teachers all structure their classes in different ways so that you have different sets of rules and different expectations. This helps for the day to not get boring as you see the same things over and over again. They also focus on anti bullying programs so that we can work on the growing problem in the public school systems. I feel comfortable enough in my school to talk to my teachers and to let them know if something is bothering me.
The academics at Clare High School are very good! The areas that could be improved upon include the “power” mentality that some of the teachers and administrators have and the lack of overall parental involvement that exists if your child doesn’t play sports.
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Clare High School is a very average school. The teachers do their jobs, the students except the few under intelligent do their work. We have a good partnership with Mid-Michigan College which gives students the opportunity to duel-enroll, and participate in CTE.
I love how close all of our students are, we are all there for each other when we need them the most. The teachers are the most helpful, caring teachers I know. We just all around have a great high school.
I am a fan of the teaching staff and how well discipline is stressed within this institution. I enjoy being a part of the sports teams at Clare and will greatly miss it. Clare has a very tight community, allowing everyone to have someone to go to when in need. As a student, it is not as fun having a collection of overly protective rules put up at the school. I would like to see less strict rules and a wider variety of opportunities to get involved. I would also like it if kids were told at a younger age to participate in activities more in order to have a better high school experience.
Teachers were pretty good, kinda cared about the students. The principal didn't care much about what we did as long as we didn't get into fights. Students do bully each other. Food is ok.
Clare High School was a great high school to graduate from and be apart of. Most all of the teachers truly care for their students well being and learning. Bulling is a problem however, that Clare has yet to figure out how to stop or even punish. Many victims go without justice or are punished themselves. Clare is behind in it's area on college readiness by not informing students what they can do to achieve college credits early, not offering many college classes to take, and other issues. Clare is a mostly white population meaning the school lacks any real diversity. Other than that, classes are handled well, all the clubs show true potential and effort, and sports is a huge thing in Clare. Great school.
Clare High School has been a wonderful place to study and meet people. The staff are committed to the students education.
Clare High School was a very general high school. Teachers worked very hard to keep kids engaged and to show they cared deeply about their students. There was always a very strong sense of community within the school. However, bullying was always a problem that the school seemed to push under the rug. Other than that, Clare was a great experience.
When describing schools of high prestige and quality, adjectives that are applicable are usually of the following categories. Encouraging, demanding, teaches hardwork, prepares you for college, and prepares you for the real world. Clare is maybe one of those thing. Maybe. But the thing about Clare high school is that it knows how hopelessly insignificant it is in the realm of college preparation. But it doesn't care. The perks of living in a small town in the middle of no where combines with the effort put in to defy the odds. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally my situation has forced me to look for opportunities anywhere I can find them. My lack of opportunities has forced me to create ones I would have never known about had I not been forced to look. So In conclusion (and irony), Clare is a pretty good school. But not because it lives up to what we deem as an exemplary example of education. But because it set goals way harder than that and has achieved them ten fold.
I think that Clare High School provides a good atmosphere for learning and achieving with the many opportunities provided. However, I think that the school should make a more conscious effort to allowing the students to express themselves and many even have a student panel that can address student concerns to the administration.
I think that Clare High School is a very good school based on education. The teachers help you when you need it and they want everyone to succeed.
Clare High School is one of the best schools in the mid Michigan area and I have experienced this first hand.
My experience with Clare High School was nothing less than great. The faculty and administration always strive to make their students the best that they can be. They will always help as much as they can and then some. The principle at Clare High School is also such a great principle. He goes above and beyond to help his students in any way he can. I would recommend Clare High School to anyone looking for a family oriented, caring, and exceptional high school.
What I love about Clare High School is that when one person is when a terrible day or week over four hundred people are there to help that person out. Clare High school is one Giant and loving family
I was a graduate of Clare High School back in 2016. I had a great high school experience because I was invested in. My academics was the most important to the staff of our school system and that paid off being the college student that I am. Usually public school systems don't gather the best reputation but I strongly stay that Clare High School was an excellent school.
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What I Wish I Could Change:

1. I'd like for there to be support for all the sports programs our school has to offer.
2. Many of the teaching staff have favorite students that they treat with more respect than others.
3. There is a sufficient lack of monetary support for both drama and band from the school.
4. All-star athletes get away with a lot more than they should. That's all that I'm going to say on the matter.

What I Love:

1. The energy within the student sections at basketball and football games is very infectious. It makes games more memorable and much more fun to attend.
2. There are a lot of different avenues that students can pursue, like Career Technical Education classes, the Early Middle College Program, Links, etc. It's nice to have multiple options.
3. It's not difficult to find people that are nice enough to help you when you need it.
4. Everyone has a chance to be successful and to have his or her voice heard.
As a senior at Clare High School, I have loved my experience here in the last four years. Everyone is super kind and supportive. I will truly miss being apart of all the activities and community when I graduate.
I was bullied all throughout high school,but no one did anything to stop it. The teachers only cared about teaching.
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