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Clara Barton is a interesting experience. Most teachers do not take time to individually coach and prep students. We (seniors) are not prepped for college at all. We have to go ask questions on our own. There are no college meetings or assembly’s. Decent staff. Not a bad school overall .
My experience here was really life changing. I overcame a lot of difficult challenges due to the help of the teachers. I'll recommend this school everybody I know going to high school.
Clara Barton High School is a decent school. There are many programs offered your junior year. Majors include: Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Dental Assistant, Dental Laboratory Technician, Vision Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed Practical Nursing, and Pharmacy Technician. College readiness is decent could be better. Certain guidance counselors are there for you when you need them. There are few good teachers. You mostly have to each yourself. The clubs at Clara Barton are cool. You are free to start any club you please. As long as you have a teacher to oversee it. AP classes are offered but not in a variety.
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I enjoyed the cultural showcases and a few of the activities. The school can improve on its spirit in encouraging kids to want to come to the school and communication with security and students. The school can also use cleaner bathrooms. Overall this is your average public high school and you make the school what you want it to be for you.
When I stepped into Clara Barton as student It changed my whole prospective, my teachers are always being my greatest strength, motivating me for success!
My name is Cora Dubois and I am a junior at Clara Barton High School for medical professions. Within my three years of attending Clara Barton high school, I had an okay experience. Everything is great for education wise. Other than that there are some things I believe that should be changed. Within my school, we lack diversity. I believe diversity is important as us students should get to know/learn about different backgrounds and to have a better understanding of them. Another thing I would love to see change is better school lunch because it's horrible. The food does not taste good at all as it taste artificial in my opinion. Also, the food always ends up in the garbage which is a waste. I would love to see that change as students should want to eat school lunch and not waste it as other people are starving. In conclusion. This is my overall experience of Clara Barton, what I like, and what I would like to see change.
Clara Barton has many nursing programs which are great and can give you a great jump start to your career
The only good thing about this school is the majors. The teachers don’t guide you at all and it’s like the school is setting you up to fail.
My overall experience at Clara Barton High School was below average. There is a lot of room for improve in terms of academic and extracurricular activities. There are very limited selections of clubs for students to be involved in and very little diversity.
The school is very beneficial to everyone. It have a wide variety of health programs that not only teaches us new things, but it benefit our future career by giving us a head start at such a young age.
My experience at this school is going so far so good. There are many opportunities and many different majors that you could join. I think the teachers are very nice and helpful.
My experience at Clara Barton height was great I got to learn a lot of new information. The school was made with health careers and at the end of your two year learning and training experience you graduate with an certificate.
the experience at barton isn’t so bad. before i attended the high school, many people said how it’s a bad school that has a lot of fights and bad teachers . although, when i first attended the school, the school
want bad. it’s going to be my third year attending barton and it’s been a pretty good experience. you just have to center yourself around good people and get good grades and you’ll be fine . get to know your guidance counselors because they will definitely help you big time . don’t cut or get caught in fights because it’s not worth it. get to know some
of the teachers because they can help you with better things such as getting into honors program and promotions. clara barton also has health fields but i’m not interested in it . like i said from before just keep grinding in school and stay out of the drama because drama isn’t worth it . at the end of the day, colleges are looking for staundents who are committed to work etc
I received my practical nursing while attending this high school. It prepared me for the nursing field which I am very appreciative of. It was definitely worth attending this school because I exited high school with a career.
Clara Barton High School is a pretty okay school unless you're in their majors. They honestly don't care for you much because their funding comes from the involvement of the people in the majors. If you aren't in a major or gateway, they don't really care for you as much as they make it seem. Even for those who are in the major, the resources are extremely old and they can barely use the equipment in the rooms. The school is good for the most parts though, it just needs more funding to rebuild rooms, fix up the big gymnasium, have more clubs and more things for students in general. This is coming from someone who literally graduated last year.
Clara Barton High School in one word: Potential. There is a lot of potential for it to be a great school but it falls flat due to many things. I hope that after I leave it can become better, I am seeing hints of it with the freshmen. Regardless, I had enjoyable time and many experiences at CBHS that have shaped me in some way.
I love how Clara Barton high school offers so many health professions and an opportunity to introduce teenagers to the health care world. My experience in Clara Barton, as a junior, has been amazing so far: I've met many people who inspire me to be a better person and my intelligence has increased and I have learned so much. Most of the teachers love the students and will do everything in their power to make sure that the students understand what is discussed in class and help them prepare for their future. While Clara Barton is a good school when it comes to health professions, it doesn't really have much challenging classes such as honor classes and APs, the most challenging courses are offered to the students in the "gateway" program, and regular kids who aren't in a major or the gateway program don't have the opportunity to take classes that will challenge them intellectually.
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Clara Barton High School is a health professional school,the school is a nursing school going there I joined one major which was vision technology,that major was the best major. The staffs are good to me and the teachers are completely the best most of all my guidance counselor she helped me in time of need . Clara Barton High School is the best school ever.
Clara Barton High School offers more than what meets the eye. CBHS allows you to broaden all of your horizons (academically, personally, etc) so that you can become the student and the individual you want to be become. Like any other high school, you will experience some altercations with others and you will have your ups and downs, but there will be people, even your peers, who will be there to support you at your lowest, to keep you focused and to help you put things in your high school journey in perspective and keep you on your path to success. At Clara Barton High School, your destiny is in your hands. You are given freedom so that as you progress through high school, you realize the impact responsibility and honesty has on you as a student and as a teenager growing into the ways of a young adult. Overall, Clara Barton High School is the home to many who thirst for knowledge, guidance, higher education and success and as long as you try, you will succeed.
Going to school at Clara Barton is a great experience. The teachers are always willing to help their students and connect with them on a deeper level. I will leave this high school knowing that I am fully prepared for college. This school is home to many people from many different walks of life and is welcoming to everyone. The security guards and the rest of staff are very understanding and kind. This school also offers college courses to students.
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