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Clackamas Web Academy is an amazing school with lots of opportunities for students. They have an early college option which allows students from freshman year to take community college classes. Clackamas Web Academy pays a tuition of $1,500 per term at a community college. Their online high school classes are very advanced and prepare students for universities and colleges in the future.
I really like the opportunities that come with attending Clackamas Web Academy, however there is a lack of communication between students and advisors. I often felt disconnected from general high school "things."
I absolutely loved going to Clackamas Web Academy. The teachers were very nice and helpful and were very understanding. We still had on campus activities even though it is online classes. We got one on one time with teachers.
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Everyone is there to help you learn and succeed in the best way. All the teachers are nice and encourage you to go beyond your limits and aim for higher than you thought you could. They're very supportive of students after high school choices and strive to assist students in the college application/scholarship process.
If you feel you do well learning independently, then this would be a good choice for you. If you do not do well learning independently and often get distracted or lose focus do not go here. You are expected to be on top of your homework and most times you do not get the guidance you need with help and homework unless you have hit rock bottom. Also if you do not like to read and are more of a visual learner, I do not recommend this school. Furthermore, extracurricular activities, sports, and social interaction is not what this school does best or even does at all for that matter. As a social person, I can say that sitting at home staring at a computer screen doing your homework for hours upon hours gets boring and quite frankly very lonely. However this school did prepare me adequately for college life and I like their early college option(ECO) program. It put me on a path towards success.
The school was an amazing experience for me. Before I went to the school I was struggling with my studies due to lack of help from my teachers. After entering this school I was able to get the help I needed and did much better in my classes.
CWA allowed me do to the ECO program and helped me get a year ahead successfully. They are supper supportive and help each student as an individual. Great program!
Great school, great community of students, great teachers. I also was able to do early college which helped me get a head start on my college education. I am forever grateful for the opportunities this school gave me. I made friendships that will last a lifetime.
Best School and Teachers. We have had Two Children Go thru Clackamas Web Academy and they Loved it. Personal, Caring teachers wanting nothing more then to see your child succeed.
Clackamas Web Academy provided me with great learning opportunities, and I got the chance to get a head start in my college path. This school creates a friendly and safe environment for every student and puts in extra effort to help a student succeed. I only have great memories from this school!
Tons of options to choose from when selecting courses.
This is a homeschool, so I loved that I did my schoolwork at my own pace, in my own home setting, and got to go to college early due to their early college options.
All material is described in great detail, the teachers are quick to respond to any questions or requests, and the counselors and advisors are always ready to help.
I think this school is amazing.
The work load is not to much and the work isn't to hard that you can't do it without help, but not easy enough to where your not learning anything.
This school has been wonderful in assisting me in graduating a year early from high school. Great people to work with and helping with the college process.
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