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There are some really good things; specific teachers have made me enjoy ap classes and want to be there, and have been incredibly understanding. Others just suck. It doesn't feel like they care about you, which is obvious. It's too big of a school. There's no school spirit, no sense of community, and no time to use the bathroom while walking a quarter mile between classes. They do whatever they can to sugar coat clack and it's so apparent. We have to stay in school longer and longer because they don't have enough seat time. They pack 45 kids in a classroom because there's no space for anyone and no money for more teachers. They took away senior pranks, lip sync, senior quotes, just about everything that makes high school what it is. And they don't give credit to the kids who take ap classes and get a b. Valedictorians should not be the slackers who take easy classes and get a 4.0. Clack is most definitely wack.
Clackamas High School is a very hands on school with many opportunities. I really enjoy having career expletory classes provided for us at Sabin- Schellenberg campuses. Although I have met and enjoyed many of the staff members working at my school I would like to see the staff be more respectful toward students and peers.
This is a great school with great academic opportunities. Very many AP classes to take for college credits. Great teachers who take their time to help you achieve good grades. Lots of tutoring and help provided before and after school. It is very welcoming to everyone. Great programs, clubs and activities to do. Great school for sports clubs. The sports teams have high competition and great teams, staff and coaches. This school has roughly 2,500 students so classes are diverse and lots of opportunities to make friends. Staff make sure students are safe at all times and make sure nothing bad happens. Counselors are always their to help and will help you with anything from academics to personal problems.
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This school is great for anyone social, anti-social, and anywhere in between. You can easily find a group to fit in with and become friends with. The staff are mostly nice and caring, some are little challenging. However, this is a very left leaning school with teachers that are not afraid to voice their opinions.
Good food and many sports and club options. Teachers and experience is ok though too many students to help prepare everyone for college well.
I like that Clackamas High School makes an effort to be inclusive to all races, religions, and genders. There are also multiple ways for students to express themselves and meet other people with similar opinions in different clubs and groups. If I could change anything about Clackamas High School, I would make Honors and AP classes weigh more than regular classes. There are many students here who challenge themselves by taking college-level courses in high school. However, these classes are treated the same as other regular classes. In the future, I would love this extra effort and dedication to be recognized.
I’m leaving this school next year and let me tell you all the scoring on here is inacurate. It’s a hard choice for me to leave my friends but I’d youre deciding schools I wouldn’t come here. People here are stuck up and mean. You’re divided into categories and if you aren’t exactly like everyone else chances are you’ll be left out or not have very many friends. When you walk in the door it’s like a new school everyday. There is 3000 kids and classrooms are over packed. It’s hard to learn with 40 kids to a class. Plus the teachers read the curriculum and bring no life or fun to lessons. A few of my teachers are passionate but most are there to do their job and clock out. I really wish I wouldn’t have started school here because it’s hard to move in the middle of high school. If you have a choice don’t go here. Online school is better.
Great school with opportunities for those who are doing very well in school and for those who are struggling. They have lots of extra-curricular options and sports to be a part of.
Clackamas High School is great when it comes to the selection of AP classes. The school offers a total of 14 AP classes: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature and Composition, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Human Geography, AP US Government, AP French, AP Japanese, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, and AP Studio Art.
Each year at Clackamas has great. I’ve had a wide array of teachers from amazing to horrible but there was always a way to get help. Non-teaching staff is great & I love the environment.
Clackamas High School is a very large, public high school. While the size provides students with more resources and opportunities to explore their education, it also creates a very disconnected community. The staff does a wonderful job teaching students to prepare for their future but the environment is overwhelming.
I would like to see the class size change and diversity improve at Clackamas High School. I have been in several classes with over 40 kids in them and while I have been able to learn somewhat effectively I know several kids in my classes that struggle in a class this size. I also think it is not fair to the teachers to expect them to give each student what they need in classes of these size. Diversity is an issue at our school and our community. There is just not a wide enough range of cultures in our school and they feel segmented vs unified.
I was very involved with school activities going on, sporting events, dances, fundraisers etc. which made us super close as a community however the administrations came up with some pretty inconsiderate rules and new people need to be in administration.
What I loved about Clackamas was the enormous variety of after school activities and the large number of clubs. However, it would be nice if the theater and arts departments could recieve funding once in a while.
Clackamas High School is a large school with 30 kids at least per class. It has a great sports environment, some excellent teachers and some not so great teachers. Sabin-Schellenberg is a great resource for students to broaden their field or gain some college credits as well.
While attending school here I was super involved in the activities. The school is very big on school spirt and making sure every student feels welcome and supported.
Clackamas high school was a very diverse high school with a lot of different programs and activities that you can find helpful and suitable to you. They most definitely help you feel prepared for college and they’re academics are great.
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Clackamas High School seems like one of the most safety and educated driven high school I know so far. All of the teachers I had always give additional support if needed some, everybody is always friendly to each other and never were there any fights that occur, and there are some healthy meals that are available to everyone.
It is a good school overall, but could definitely be more diverse. There is a very high drug problem that needs to be adressed with the students and administration.
Clackamas high school is a great school, but what needs to be fixed is the amount of students in the school. It’ll be changed in 2020 but with so many students in a class it’s hard to focus. I’d say about half the teachers are good and half aren’t so good.
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