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They have a wonderful arts program. Most of the people there are nice, it's where I found my life-long friends. The teachers are great-they really connect with the students and teach the classes in a fun way. They make learning fun, and they don't give a ton of homework.
In the beginning, CIVA was a special school, it accepted the nobodies that never really fit anywhere else. But, as my high school career progressed it just got worse and worse. It no longer the environment CIVA had always claimed they were. Even, though some teachers were great and the ideas they had were as well it was destroyed quickly by trying form CIVA into something it wasn't. However, if your child needs one on one interaction it is the school to go too. Otherwise, if your student is looking to be challenged and to excel in the arts you are better off at a different school.
I liked the teaching at Civa and that there's no bullying, and how everyone is like a family. I think the dress code could be changed since CIVA is a college prep school.
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I've attended CIVA Charter High School for the last 4 years. I like the small, family feel of the school. Everyone knows you. The teachers really care about their students. The only downfall for a small charter school is there are not a lot of sports to participate in unless you go thru the district that CIVA is a part of.
My experience at CIVA was a roller-coaster for the most part. I know I made some long lasting friends and had some fun being here but the school has too many problems that it could take me all day to list. I find that CIVA cares more about their reputation then their actual students. There is a very small number of teachers that I believe would actually help me in the perpetration for college and care for my well being. The school states that they are a college prep school for the arts but really the school is mess that doesn't know what its doing and really doesn't help in the prep for college; there is no freedom and it feels like all the students are being treated as children which is not the right mentality that students should be in going to college. Now don't get me wrong I have experienced good times at CIVA and I will be able to go in life with some readiness but its nothing that CIVA actually taught me.
I believe the system set up works flawlessly. The front and back doors have camera buttons, what I call the, that you must press in order to gain access to the building. BUT, The camera sends direct feed to the main office and they must allow access for the doors to unlock. Recently a threat was made online by a student, and immediately there were consequences. The student was felt with (not sure if it was suspension or expelled), the online threat was taken down, and the police err notified. The following week, so far, there have been police watching everyone who is entering and exiting the school building.
We have Spanish, ASL (American Sign Language), Jewelry, pottery, drawing one and two, general art one and two, choir, painting one and two, photography, dance, ballet, and more. This school gives us students manny choices to explore compared to most high schools. Not only are all of the classes intriguing but helpful. I took drawing one and just from that started to figure out collage level art tips. The programs provided has helped many students unlock their creativity!
If I could do it all over again, I would definitely choose his school agin! It offers more fields in the fine arts, and has smaller classes. You can't really tell who belongs where because everyone at the school blends well! The atmosphere there is great too. Most schools have an overwhelming amount of peer pressure, this school lacks this. Most of the students understand one another, and are mortal support for one another. Aside form a few, who don't even want to be in the school. The small classes, amazing relationship between students and teachers, and great classes makes things a lot more convenient.

I'm not trying to commercial my school, I just really feel it's breath taking. We still have issues like drama and Freshmen that don't behave. The thing that is different is that there is SO much less of these issues compared to a normal school. This makes it easier to resolve issues in a timely manner.
The teachers at CIVA, from my experience, are excellent! Not only do I believe that the school itself is amazon but the teachers are unique. The classes are smaller so the teachers can focus more on each student. 15-20 students per a class. The teachers will interact with the class in many ways. A good example is my current world History teacher. (I can't put his name in because I didn't ask permission) He talks while giving the lesson, but also displays what he is saying on the monitor in the front of the class. He walks around and will also give visual examples. He teaches in three different ways all at once. Visual, auditory, and kinetic. Because students will take in information differently. It is a pretty cool experience.
This school is so unique because it gives you one-on-one learning, and teaches you how to learn better and faster. The teachers really want to help you learn and get to where you need to be. If I could choose to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. So over experince was very positve and I would sugguest for everyone to go there.
It was okay when I started, but in my 3 years there it went downhill quickly.
Because of Civa I can take challenges head on and be victorious.
The food is of a good quality and there are options for vegetarians.
The policies of the school are fair, however the students can act belligerent from time to time.
Civa's ultimate Frisbee team is one of the best in the state and they are supportive of their students no matter the skill level.
My teachers went above and beyond to make sure I understood the lessons and they made their lessons practical. Because of this I was able to do well in my classes and make Honor roll and Dean's List.
The amount of support students receive from faculty and family allows them to thrive academically and socially.
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Civa prepared me to face and overcome life challenges on my own.
Some of the teachers don't fully know what they are teaching. Example the art teacher is teaching Health and has no experience and limited knowledge on the subject. The school is somewhat a joke, under-funded, and has unfair ruling to most students. They simply lack the ability to follow the rules of themselves, but thats none of my business.
Everyone is a family at CIVA, there is a no fighting tolerence, and bullying is rarely an issue. the strong support from each of the teachers is unlike any other public school, they care because the do want each individual to succeed. the teachers use VAK learning in every classroom every day, involving all of the types of learning functions of the brain. with under 175 students, everyone is comfortable and grows with eachother every semester. OLE's are an extreme part of the family extent of CIVA's enviornment, standing for outdoor learning experience.
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