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City View Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I've been at CityView since Kindergarten and I honestly love every bit of it. I am a senior now and there has been a few changes made but I really think they should allow off campus lunches to Juniors and Seniors that have cars, because sometimes kids don't eat either because they run out of food or it's just gross but other than that I really love City View it is like a second home to me.
City View has the potential to be a wonderful learning environment for many students. The size of the school itself provides students with many opportunities to be involved in multiple organizations. The teachers are mostly friendly and interested in the betterment of students. However there are improvements I feel there could be made: less group punishments and more targeted budget distribution. Group punishment is one of the main forms of discipline. While this sometimes gets results, I believe it's unfair and ineffective. As far as budget spending, the money around the school isn't fairly proportioned. The Yearbook and Journalism classes have no budget. Contrasting, the football team receives new uniforms every year instead of reusing old ones.
City View was a mediocre school that acted like a private school. Teachers did not want to do their jobs. Administration was unhelpful. I went to the nurse and was kicked out. I filed a complaint against a teacher for harassment and nothing was done.
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The best thing about CV is that everybody is friends .. one thing I would like to see change was the lunch food which they have
They are very concerned about money and how to bring more of it in. If you like math/science, the UIL program is a good one to get involved with. Having Chromebooks is nice though it really isn't good for health to be looking at screens for the majority of the day, but hey more power to you if you can do it. I am currently in the FCCLA program and I, so far, have had a relatively good experience. There are always improvements to be made at a school.
It is a very great school. The teachers are a very big help. The faculty is amazing. The only thing that I would change is some of the rules as well as the food.
City View is a very diverse school that is a great environment for students. They are very accepting of new students and will make you feel at home in no time.
City View is a great school to be at and I'm proud to say it. They help out the students with whatever trouble they have such as spending their time to make us better at a subject we most have trouble on like math or reading. They even have the time to show us sites for scholarships so that we have trouble maybe applying for.
I absolutely love City View. The staff and student body never fail to make me feel like I am at home. I play all kinds of sports and my teammates are my family. I trust them with everything, along with my coaches. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that you have people to catch you when you fall.
City View is a very nice high school with excellent teachers and students. It is a very welcoming environment, all the teachers are really nice and will help you a lot with your success whether it be in academics or extra curricular activities. The extra curricular activities at City View are the biggest reasons why I have had such a good time in high school. The band and sports program have helped me grow as a person and I just can't say enough about the extra curricular programs at City View. I have been here ever since I was little and I can't imagine going anywhere else. I would recommend this high school to anybody.
I've been at this school my entire life, and what I love the most about this school is that we are more like family. We have each others back in the good and bad times. Last year our athletic trainers lost her baby, and when the school go the news we were devastated. The day of the funeral our principle let anyone who wanted to go could go no questions asked. He was a hard time for everyone, but we got through it together. That's what I love about this school, we come in together and stick together until the end. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here, because this is where I call home.
The teachers here at City View America want the best for their students. They work with our schedules, help us when needed, and push us to our best abilities. Every teacher here know us and our personality and teaches us according to how we respond. If any student has a problem the teacher are the first to notice and step in to help understand what is going on.
Our safety is a large priority.
We enjoy numerous sports, and UIL events.
Parents do what they feel is best for our school.
Our teachers integrate modern themes into captivating lessons.
Its honestly the best school ive been too. City View has very awesome teachers.
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The extracurricular at my school has amazing participants for example I participate in band and cheerleading and in each group we have wonderful people representing our group who put in tons of effort to achieve some of our yearly goals such as achieving sweepstakes in band for consecutive years in a row. Although I am very involved in school and there are other clubs such as the drama club and UIL academics some may argue that there isn't very much variety of activities to participate in. Also our activities happen to be very self funding as far as multiple fundrasiers to afford our nessecities for the organizations to even exisist.
Nobody ever picks out anyone for anything. Bottom line we all accept each other in our own way.
Dress code will cause some problems but some are for the better. I understand no sagging pants, short-shorts and tucked in shirts, but hair color can kinda be a hassle. Over the summer most girls like myself color our hair crazy colors and it cost a great deal out of our pocket to get hair coloring done professionally.
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