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City University School of Liberal Arts Reviews

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My experience at City University has been great. It has grown me into the young lady I am Today. I’ve matured and know so many things going into college . One thing I would change at city is the clubs, I would love to have clubs that involve majors . For example “ acting “ I would love if we had acting clubs in the school etc.
This is overall a fairly good school to attend. While there are some things that could be changed, it has improved in areas such as college readiness, school activities, and dedicated teachers.
City University School of Liberal Arts gets you a somewhat like experience of college. It preps you into knowing and getting ahead of that college life that awaits for you.
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My experience at City University School of Liberal Arts has been fun overwhelming. I have attended this school since the 9th grade, but when it became time to transition into a senior, it was very hard to adjust. Also, being a senior comes with great responsibilities which makes things overwhelming. Outside of class, I am hustling hard to try to finish my work and take part of my role as being vice president for the Student Government Association. Overall, you will always get a good outcome if you attend or attended this school.
To me it has been a nice experience attending city university. It feels like a big family due to everyone being together since 9th grade and we haven’t did anything but get closer. The staff has been alright I do think that we can do things better when it comes to the school events and activities because we don’t usually go all in for our activities in my opinion but we it can all change later. I really do hope that my senior year goes well and that I can make important moves in my life in order for me to be the most successful person that I can be.
My school experience at City University School of Liberal Arts, currently, is outstanding. I’ve been attending City University Schools since the 6th grade. We have awesome awards for honor roll, standardized tests, and so much more. There’s not one other school I would want to go to besides City. Teachers are hands-on and faculty support the students. Overall, this is the best school ever.
I would like for them to improve the food,staff, and teaching here at City University. The one thing I like about the school is that we can basically do a lot fun activities. Another thing I don't like is the uniform, when it gets too hot we can't stay out of uniform.
The school has very poor staff. The head of the school [Chancellor] only hires felons and criminals. He also hires his family members as the Dean/President of the school is his brother. The teachers don't teach well. You have a couple who knows how to teach properly and the ones that passes out book assignments and projects to fill up our grade easier without classwork or homework grades being accounted for. No social events and when we do have them, they are very lackluster and boring. No football team. They care more for your attire than your behavior and your performance. Don't send your child here, terrible staff, terrible teachers, closed confined terrible environment overall. Administration is corrupt and money hungry.
This school is very vigorous. The discipline here is unparrell to any other high school ive been to. This school makes me feel like i can be anything.
My personal experiences at city University has been absolutely horrible. They have limited extracurricular activities for more hands on, athletic, talented students. Their security system is poor.
The school always does it is best when teaching students making sure that we do not fall behind. They also make sure we have a well balance lunch. The teachers are fair and understanding if students have a legitimate reason for either missing work or if you are for some reason not able to do it. We also have volleyball teams and basketball teams who train very diligently to win. There's also a track team and a cross country club that main purpose is to build up students physically. Then there's ACT practice classes where any student can join for free to help them prepare for the test.
My experience at City University School Of Liberal Arts is outstanding. The teachers and the office staff welcome you with open arms.
My experience at City University School of Liberal Arts was amazing. I started in the 9th grade an I graduated from there in 2016. I’ve had wonderful teachers. I have made lifetime relationships with friends and teachers.
I love cityuniversityschools ,I’ve been at the school since I was in the 6th grade and began to love it
I Love my school for what it is. I love the teachers, the food is always great. My friends are there too.
After attending this school for 4 consecutive years I’ve learned the importance of learning and applying my knowledge to the real world. This school has taught me to never be afraid to discover something new, to know that I can and will be whatever I want to be in my future, and to protect the knowledge I’ve gained from start to finish
I have a a pretty good experience attending City University. The administration really cares about your future and your career path. If I were to change something about the school it would be the diversity upon how students express themselves.
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I love my school. I have been here since my 9th grade year and now I am currently a high school senior scholar. While attending here I have been in the school of Independence which was more so an honors class . My classmates and I will be the first founding class of the school of Independence that was added our 9th grade year. I really love this school because we are a small environment which cause me to have more hands on learning and 1 on 1 time with my teachers.
I have attended City University School of Liberal Arts for the last three years, going on four. Overall its a good school but a few things could be improved. In my opinion there isn't enough activities/sports. Also, there are not many clubs or things to be apart of. Another thing is that i believe that we do not have much freedom in the school seeing that we are high school scholars.
City university is a really good school and I recommend it for other people to go to. I also think people should go there because there are many ways to prepare you for college there. I understand as a senior I didn’t understand at first but now I understand how it makes you think and I believe people should go there. Even though it’s a lot of work
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