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City on a Hill Dudley Square Reviews

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Personally, I believe City on a Hill is a great high school to apply to. The teachers, from my experience, make you feel comfortable to be apart of their class. If you, or anyone else who applies, has certain learning disabilities, the staff members have no problem with setting accommodations in place. I don't regret my 4 years as a student at City on a Hill.
There were many difficulties while being a student at this school. Students do not have much of a voice and were not listened to.
As a senior student, I like that City on A Hill prepares kids for College but I dont like how teachers have no remorse for kids in bad situations that could affect a students life. When situations escalate and kids act out the principals act like children back to them. We also get rotten lunch sometimes. There are also teachers who do not teach AP Classes will and don't grade us according to our work just based on how they like us. I hope better things come from COAH
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City on a Hill is a good school where students have great resource academically. The teachers are really helpful and supportive. COAH does not have different options for sports or clubs.
I currently attend City on a Hill Dudley Square. The experience that makes this school is meeting all different types of characters in teachers and students. Also their curriculum is extravagent and they will prepare students for college.
City on a Hill is a really small school that tries to prepare us for college. They started doing my programs and helping people more when I got to my senior year which was not that helpful. It would’ve been a little better if I had a little more support my other 3 years in high school. The food is terrible. Students try to make a change even if is good healthy food but it did not happen. Students often spend money on junk food and food that they should not be eating as often because the food is really bad.
Being that I've been at this school for five years, the school does prepare you for college-level classes. After taking a college course over this summer, my professor was impressed with the skills that City on a Hill taught me. the curriculum is great, and the teachers really care about your learning.
If you are looking for a school that pushes you beyond your limits then go to city on a hill. They prepare you for the real world.
It prepares you very well for the college life ahead of you and expects a lot from you and helps you teach your goals.
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