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City on a Hill Charter Public School Reviews

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The teachers at City on a Hill are very capable to teach the subjects and have the students get a better understanding about them. They want the best fro you and make sure that you understand or they'll stay after with you to make sure that you understand it. The students in the class will help each other put in making sure that they comprehend the lesson and help build each other up in the class.
I give City on a Hill a two star rating because they have declining each year since 2016. Ever since then they have been firing and hiring new staff every year, not retaining studnets back each year and has caused they graduation rates to decline drastically each year. As an alumni of City n a hill it saddens me to say that also they have a huge problem with handling there disaplinary department many of those faculty members and staff did not handle situations like bullying, altercations and violence well when it came for someone to step in. It has caused me and many of my pervious classmates to have been bullied to the point of mentally being hurt, change schools, have depression and also caused many of the staff to leave because of the situation.
The school experience was over all average in my eyes. Academically they are extremely well off, but they did not pay much thought to things that were not involving collage. They made it seem as if college was the only option in the world. Yes college is good, but it is not meant for everyone. The constant talk about going to college and the pressure to get good grades and exam score had made me not want to go to college. If not for a specific teacher that I had made a connection with, I would not have went. College is also not affordable to everyone, so seeing that they have a requirement to apply to at least one college in order to graduate was kind of harsh.College and education are important, but not everyone is fit for the college environment and it was hard for them to understand that.
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I really like how the teachers I'm close with always have my back and have good intentions for me in going to college. I feel safe that I have someone to talk to if I'm feeling down or not in the best mood. Wonderful people truly. The thing I want to see fixed is the Administration. If the Administration is the higher ups I think alot needs to be fixed. The school has gone from bad to worse and everything is hectic. Such as the teachers working full time now and notg having time to prep for classes. I feel like the Administration is not thinking about the teachers as individuals but only about themselves. This needs to be fix because my teachers are amazing and are working their butts off, and so more for this school than anybody else has. Especially out Janitor
Overall the school is good in terms of getting you ready for the real life and college. However, favoritism is a big thing at City on a Hill and their action plan toward things such as bullying aren’t very affective.
I really like the amount of help you can receive from them into going to college and the scholarship offers they give so students can succeed. I don’t not like the students there because they do not have a lot of respect or cherish the things and work teacher do for them .
This school is very college focused and their mission is to get every graduate into college. Guidance counselors really care to each student and help them efficiently. They also have helped myself and many other students get into summer college programs so that you can get an early college feel.
City on a Hill Charter Public School helps a lot with college stuff. The teachers are there to help with any work. The school offers many different clubs such as GSA, Music Club, Anime Club, and many more. This school offers AP classes such as AP Calculus, AP Literature and Composition, and AP U.S. Constitutional Law. However, one big problem with the school is the food. Sometimes, they're good; other times, not so much. Sometimes when it came to burgers and sandwiches, the bread would be either stale, or soggy. One time, the school served us milk, and the milk was 1 week old. And another time, the school served salad, and the salad was frozen, so I didn't eat it. Due to these circumstances, I bring my own food from home everyday. On some days, the school's cleanliness would be a little off. I give City on a Hill Charter Public School an average.
CoaH really does well in the college readiness area, the councelors make sure you're set and ready for college. The teachers and deans need to enforce the rules more instead of letting students walk all over them and stop letting some students get in trouble for things while others don't because of "special cases"
I like that City on a Hill had a lot of fun activities and it prepare you not only for college but life in general. They have a lot of connection with outside program. For example, I participated in a lot of college readiness program. But most of all is the competitive energy that everyone possess during field it's the best day of our lives.
what makes this school unique is that at the end of the year, we have a cookout.
they are great and are very understanding on how to work with the students. some of the teachers were graduate students so it made it easier to communicate.
this school is well secured and well efficient. The health proficiency in this school is very strong and efficient. The nurses at this school is very helpful and is always here for everyone. Hopefully we can have more schools like this one.
There are a lot of extra curriculum activities at this school. We even have this thing called activity block, which involves students in a variety of activities.
What makes this school so unique is that not just anybody can get in; to get enrolled into this school we do a raffle with a selective amount of student from various schools. Whoever is picked gets in. The rules and regulations change each year to add some creativity and diversity into the school.
The teachers at this school are hard, funny, sarcastic, and sometimes evil but in a funny way. I learned a lot from these teachers and they have shaped me into a strong erudite student.
I wish there were more along with enough funding but there is a decent amount along with funding that comes from the students themselves and doing community events.
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This school has amazing teachers that try and provide however they can for their students. The system of punishment through demerits and detention could use some work but all in all it is a fairly decent school.
The teachers definitely know what they are talking and try to give their knowledge through their students in whatever way possible. They want students to succeed and see each of their students as an extension of themselves, or as a part of their own legacy. The teachers will care about the student at this school.
This school is very good for a student who is motivated, tries hard, and advocates for themselves. The school is challenging, but if students take initiative and seek help when they don't understand things, they cannot fail. There is a lot of support provided by the school, it is just up to parents and students to access than support. The school is also very accommodating to students with all kinds of disabilities.
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