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City of Pembroke Pines Charter School Reviews

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The City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School has been a home to me for the past 13 years. It is a very close knit community that cares a lot about its students.
This is a great school. The teachers are very good and they care about the students. may opportunities to get involved in sports, music and the arts.
The clubs and organizations are well organized and the students choose which clubs and organizations to be involved in. The leaders chosen are either chosen by the sponsor of the club, or voted in by the students fairly. Students choose to be involved, so if they have chosen to be in a specific club or organization, it is because they want to be a part of it. This usually results in the clubs being very fun and well-off. It is easy to create a club, and it is easy to do fundraisers for clubs and organizations at the school. The school is very accepting of all clubs and the students are accepting as well.
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This school gave me the education I needed to be where I am today. In fact, the charter system as whole helped me get to where I am today. I have complete faith in my ability to conquer many things because I know how much knowledge I posses and how smart I feel I am. I work hard for my grades and I strive to remain at the top of my class to this day. College is quite different, but I had some great teachers prepare me for what was to come. This school has the cream of the crop for teachers. Besides faculty, though, we have spirit week when everyone dresses up in costumes. We have football games and other sports games. We have traditions of senior pranks and putting detergent in the fountain to make it bubble. We have people as others to go to prom in the most grandiose ways. This school is unique and at times I would agree that it is a family.
Some teachers are amazing. Some are average. Some are terrible. I had a professor who was hired and then fired after the year because he taught so poorly. I had a math professor who was so brilliant in the course and chose to teach rather than continue her engineering career. I had another math teacher who was an engineer who didn't teach well enough soni went to the other math teacher for help. The teachers are like the students: unique. The scheduling process is relatively simple. You fill out a course card at the end of the year and you usually get the class. The exception is always electives but I never had an issue.
The clubs are of great quality and have very involved leaders. The organizations are the same. Clubs such as key club are INCREDIBLE! The compassion of the students as a whole is what makes a club as great as it can be. Sports teams are fun.
The teachers at the school are knowledgeable of the subjects being taught. Relaying the information to students is sometimes difficult for a few, but we learn and come out more knowledgeable at the end of the day. Some teachers at this school deserve a lot more credit than they get, while others get credit for nothing
I believe the teachers should be more passionate about there jobs.
Last year, someone called in a bomb threat at our school. The security was so tight that they literally shut down the school and wouldn't let people into the school. This was around the drop off time, so everyone was lined up and frustrated trying to figure out what was happening until the school sent out emails explaining the situation. The kids that were already on campus were kept secured in the gym while everyone else, including the buses that hadn't entered before the lock down, we're kept out. Administration did well to keep everyone informed and updated as the panic passed. I had no school and more faith in our school's security after that.
As Secretary of our anime club Animation Nation and historian of our gaming club Gamers United, I am happy to be involved in so many clubs and activities.
Charter is crazy and unique and if I had the choice of enrolling back as a Charter Starter, I would do everything the same save for putting in more work here and there and avoiding extra drama.
Of course there are those teacher that students tend to not be so fond of, but most of the teachers at are school are very good hearted and passionate. They do what they do because they love to do it. Not all of them get personal, but a good chunk get very attached to students and vice versa because of the connection.
i personally do not do any after school programs but many kids at my school do so im guessing it is very good.
i love this school i would recommend it to anyone .
i have learned so much not only in school work but stuff that i will need in life later on.
The teachers at my school are always willing to help when I don't understand and incorporate a variety of teaching techniques to the classroom. Outside of school they always stay after for advice and extra help.
I had some of the best times when attending here.
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My school's facilities is very strict and actively involved with the students
Needs some landscaping work. Also the bathrooms are dirty
The fact that it is one of the smallest high schools in the area. Also many of the students have attend Charter since Elementary school so everyone is very school since we all grew up together.
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