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City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School Reviews

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At the end of it all, it's been an experience. Good or bad, I can't really say, since it all comes down with how the American education system is run. Which in my opinion is already inherently flawed. Whatever bad experiences I've had at PPCHS haven't necessarily come from the school itself, but with how the whole system is run as a whole. Although, and I feel like I speak for a lot of my peers when I say this, there seems to be a certain felling of distrust against the guidance counselors and the whole office in general, and those who are meant to provide a safe space for the students. But other than that, it's a pretty good school with a pretty obvious problem with seating during lunch.
My experience in Pembroke Pines Charter High School has been one that has affected the course of my life for the better. The school has great college preparatory programs, but the administration could handle the executive decisions much better.
Pembroke Pines charter is a school filled with diversity and adversity. First and foremost the staff and teachers at this school are great. They don’t just come to school to teach you basic math and reading but to come to educate us into better people. That’s what I believe makes charter a good school. I enjoyed the time being together with friends and adventuring on through our school years. That doesn’t exclude the difficulties that come with it now a days with drugs and school threats. Our school does it’s best to tackle these issues when presented and have actually started to change to make the school a safer environment already.
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Charter provides many opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. There are many clubs, and sports teams, as well as band and debate. Charter offers a variety of classes, including both AICE and AP programs, as well as honors classes. There is a strict uniform policy in place, which extends to jackets and ID's. The high school campus is composed of five main buildings, along with a cafeteria. The campus is also located near the South West regional library, and some school activities might take place over there. Overall it's a well-rounded school to spend four years at.
Pines Charter is where I met many of my recent friends, so I am very glad I went here. There are a lot of good teachers, and a lot of smart people who can be a positive influence on you. The only thing I would suggest as a change would be the fact some of the rooms and bathrooms do need some new furniture or infrastructure, however, the school has begun to slowly work on this, so eventually this issue will be fixed!
Pines Charter has a really good education system that prepares you for college. Their math and science programs are very challenging, the teachers set you up for college classes and course work.
I like the layout of the campus, the variety in the subjects, and the passionate teachers. The lunch isn’t too bad, and there is many different options to choose from. Not hard to make friends. Administration is a little too strict on small things like uniforms but not strict enough on things that matter like bullying or mental health.
I have been a student at Pembroke Pines Charter High School for four years, and I truly value the learning experience, educational interactions, and close-knitted community at Charter. Although students are encouraged to take their own initiative in learning material themselves, engaging in dual enrollment, or applying for college, if asked many teachers, administrators, and counselors are happy to advise and offer help. There is a wide variety of clubs and organizations to participate in at this school. The science and english department are extremely strong at our school and offer advanced prep classes like AP Physics 2 and AP Chemistry. However, there is no Health Science Program and little recognition for pre-med inspiring organizations like HOSA as opposed to programs like debate. With greater funding and encouragement to grow, students who are interested in the Health Science track will have greater opportunities at Charter.
This school only cares about the top percent of students and pushes students who aren’t capable to take higher level courses to do so because it gets them more money with the more students that take those courses but what the students don’t know is that it may negatively impact their grade and GPA and they may struggle which can affect their mental health but the school doesn’t care, as for the counselors there they don’t help with mental health either.
I’ve been at the school since I was in pre-K and throughout my years of being there it’s changing a whole lot but it can be better regarding caring for students
It’s a great and simple high school, you get out what you make of it. The opportunities are all there for you to do whatever you want. There are a lot of classes to help you get ahead in college and there is just a lot of resources available to you.
My four years at Pembroke Pines Charter High School were definitely some to remember. There was constantly something going on, whether a drama show, dance, or game that students could get involved in! One of the only things that I wish I could change was the fact that most of my graduating class had been together for 12+ years. As a charter school, most kids were accepted in Kindergarten and never left, creating a solid friend group long before high school. This made freshman year difficult to find friends because they had all been established, but once you found your group it was the best of times!
I am a recent Pines Charter Alumni, throughout my four years at this school, I have never felt more included and accepted into a school. I have had bad experiences with bullying in the past and I was worried about attending a new high school. The teachers and administration are very involved and what the best for their students. Attending this school made me prepared for the classes that I will begin to take in college and I feel comfortable and secure with my future.
The faculty/staff are mostly nice and friendly, there is a clean and safe learning environment, and the school makes you feel safe at all times and the lunch is above average. Although, the teachers are very lenient yo be a "college preparatory" school.
The staff is wonderful, including the teachers. The school is well maintained and clean. The campus overall is beautiful. The classroom sizes are comfortable and overall the school has a nice atmosphere.
Overall, I had a good experience in the Charter School systems. I started at Charter in the 4th grade and overall had a good experience. Something I liked about the school was how involved the principle was in the sense that he really took the time to know a lot of the students. Something that I think could be improved on is the safety measures as well as finding a way to have all the students collaborate together instead of being so clique related. Another thing would be to have the AP teachers actually have a better concept of what colleges today expect of students. I used to be graded so harshly and felt as if I would do bad in college but proceeded to get A's on all my college essays and my writing developed strongly once I graduated. I felt that since I was being graded so harshly, I had no confidence in myself or my writing.
Please do not come to this school. The worst administration and math department is just terrible. Im so glad I'm switching out.
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It's been a smooth 4 years. The teacher are willing to take time out of their break and day to help you out. They are very kind and enjoy teaching and end up becoming a helpful friend.
PPCHS has mostly good teachers and some good staff who genuinely care for the students.The problem with the school is that bullying and harassment goes under the radar.The students are not subject to any consequence until things get physical.Students are told to ignore bullies as best as possible and to focus on school,which is no help.
Great place to go to school. The teachers were very attentive and focused on getting the students prepared for a college education and real world problems. Excellent facilities and resources provided to the students as well in the form of multiple computer labs spread throughout the school, a public library open nearby for reliable information, and an open administrative desk all day.
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