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The best ever academic experience. An outstanding, knowledgeable, conscientious, and dedicated principal, teachers, administration, and staff.
All of our kids graduated from City Of Knowledge, with four graduated from colleges already. Two of them had earned MBA, and M.Ed.
And two still in college with Psychology major, and the second is applying into Alexandria School Of Medicine.
I attended City of Knowledge school for my middle and high school education. It provided excellent education in an Islamic environment. In addition to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, we learned Arabic, Quran and Ethics. The teachers and staff really care about students' success.
I’ve been here all my life and I can honestly say that I don’t regret it. The overall environment is very welcoming as well as safe. The academics are also very good as well. I strongly recommend sending your children here.
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City of Knowledge was an incredible and enriching all-around experience. I grew academically and spiritually. Most importantly, being around so many students who share my values, I never felt singled out for my faith and was able to focus on academics. In a post 911 era ripe with Islamophobia and bullying, as a young Muslim American, I thrived in an environment that prepared me academically for college - and by the time I reached college - I was very confident in my identity and sense of self. The school also prepared me for college. I can't wait for my children to attend this school.
I have been with City of Knowledge school since inception in 1994. It is one of the best schools in the State of California. It has been accredited by WASC for over 20+ years. The school is the first Accredited Islamic school in California. The school has exceptional leadership, great program and highly developed curriculum for all level, from kindergarten to high school. The interfaith program is very successful had received many awards. About 50 percent of the school graduates has been accepted to Ivy league school.
Wish the City of Knowledge all the best... May God bless you all.
It is a great school! The staff are great and so are the teacher. The teachers give engaging lessons and are very helpful. The classes are average sized and are always cold in the summer and hot in the winter. The students that attend are all good and not rude. The principal is a very helpful person and she accommodates us if we need help in something or if we’re falling behind she’ll notify us.
This school does not provide quality education for students with English as a second language. Some teachers don’t seem to care about the students’ education and they have some serious attitude. The principal of the school could also be physical at times
This private school is geared to ensure that every student is equipped to follow their dreams and do the seemingly impossible. Not to mention the great staff that works tirelessly to provide a life changing and spiritual experience. I came as a freshman and have done things academically that I would never have dreamed of. It's not a big school, but that's exactly why it has every resource students need for college readiness. The staff and students build an everlasting relationship and there is an irreplaceable family feeling. A simple review cannot do it justice.
Excellent school and faculty that makes sure their students get the best education possible. They help in every child recognizing their individuality and finding their way to a better future. I have been going here since I was a kid and I couldn’t have asked to attend a better school.
Despite being such a small school, the administration puts in as much time and effort to ensure that their students are prepared for the real world when they graduate.
City of Knowledge has been my home way from home for the past 8 years. In it, I have been able to excel academically and grow spiritually. The faculty and administration here truly care about us as students. They go above and beyond in the amount of support the provide for us. Also, there a neat little farm students here can visit if they're ever feeling festive.
City of Knowledge is an exemplary accredited pre-school through 12th grade education system and school !!!!! The school’s open door policy encourages and emphasizes the need and strength of education, availed to Muslim children of all schools of thought and non Muslims children are welcome also and are in the midst of City of Knowledge School. The school’s environment is very safe nuturing and caring !!!!! The staff is professional and ever available. The children are in safe, good hands !!!! I
wish I had kids they would certainly be attending this school but the second best thing I can do is volunteer at the school which I do !!!!!
You meet great people, its just their over emphasis on Islam is just kind of suffocating.
There are wide variety of snacks to choose from bagels, churros, pancakes, eggs muffins. Lunch is the same different meals cooked fresh every day.
Safety measures are effective at the school but not always practiced to the full capacity they need to be.
I was prepared for the workload in college due to the AP classes I took at the school.
The friend I've made here make the school special. The environment is very caring, loving, and friend. Its like home to most of us.
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Rules are in place and practiced but broken at times.
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