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City of Hialeah Education Academy Reviews

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This school is pure perfection, and one that I would recommend to any parrent who wishes for their child to have a great education in a safe environment. The school has a real spirit of family, which is exemplified by the wonderful teachers and staff. Not to mention how they constant feeling of safety, given due to the police and fire station on campus. Overall I cannot recommend this school enough; you won't be disapointed.
I like the Fire Academy in the fire academy, I have received two certifications and I have two more to graduate with four. I wouldn't n change anything. The best school
Enrolled here for my Sophomore year and I loved it! This school really did teach me the discipline & knowledge that I needed to succeed. The teachers all taught very well and were extremely helpful. The whole environment was so calming and friendly & Not to mention how much interactive activities happen! Definitely miss the incredible teachers and the principal who is 100% engaging and motivating to his Bulldog family! I miss my COHEA family very much!
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HEA is an amazing school I've been there for 3 years now and I've had an amazing experience. The teachers and staff are all helpful and the students are also very nice. The schools teaching and discipline while it may be a bit difficult it is good because it helps shape the students and help them learn easily. I would glady recommend this school to anyone for it is amazing and it will guarantee the students to have an amazing experience and future.
What I liked about this school was the fact that they offered Dual Enrollment classes that allowed the students to advance within their education. As well as, it has given me the opportunity to become an Early Admission Applicant giving me the privilege to graduate High School with my Associates Degree from Miami-Dade College.
This school was a great experience, I was able to take a multitude of college classes while attending high school. AP classes are readily available and many teachers will go out of their way to make sure you receive the help you may need. I've never felt more comfortable in a learning environment than I did here at HEA. I made many great friends, had great relationships with the school staff, and learned vital information. I was always advised to make the right choices that would define my high school and college experience in the future.
I like that, even though the school can be tough on the students, it was a small school so it’s easy to remember everyone and build a relationship with those around you. It’s definitely not hard to build a relationship with teachers or peers either. I’ve only been there for now a year. When I transferred, I knew no one but I quickly made friends because everyone there is so welcoming and I love that about this school.
The best high school in Miami! Amazing faculty and staff. Everyone is there for each other and the relationship between the faculty and teacher with the students it’s extraordinary. There we are all one big family.
I loved how the school pushed me to be the best possible version of myself, allowing me to graduate with an AA. In the future I'd prefer them to choose who gets into the academies, as some of them get too overpopulated and ruins what was once a great program.
My experience was verry eye opening .our school is very strict and has a strong value and code for honor,respect and loyalty .our school is about getting the students ready for college and education but at the same time enforcing discipline in each student .
City of Hialeah Educational Academy has been an exceptional phenomenal experience. Their educational process is amazing and the way the staff treats you is not only good while in the learning experience but with the transitioning of high school to high level education such as college or university. I don't regret going to this school at all.
For four years, my hopes & expectations of a "real high school experience" were absolutely crushed by the atmosphere of lame school spirit & a vague presence of what was meant to be a diverse school for students of all types of backgrounds to have a speedy shortcut through the first years of college plus the added stress of advanced placement classes. If you can roll your r's, you embody the spirit of HEA & do not qualify as the prejudiced chauvinist you probably are in a non-concentrated setting. The classes are o.k, though the teachers can sometimes push the "It's-not-a-choice-for-you-to-do-this-assignment" angle of teaching. They care enough to keep an appointment if you hound them, but take care to bring evidence & your parents if it's something serious - they're understaffed, but not afraid to probe you for questioning.
The charter school is a Busines , the name of the builder is a criminal and he city mayor is not good example for kids and the police are not doing not they job , the police protect the criminals and teachers are not qualify to attend kids with disabiltys
Any school who permit clid. Abused are not good at old because clid abuse is a cruel crime
The charter school is a Business and the Principal use the polices to intimidate parents
Teachers and staff members do not cooperate and the Principal always bulled everyone there
There are several extracurricular activities available at the school, however, there is very little student participation.
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The parents at this school show the almost the bare minimum in having interest in their child's schoolwork. They have very poor manners and showno regard for other human beings.
The teachers have a geuine interesest for their students and are very knowledgeable of what they are teaching. If any extra assistance is needed they are more than happy to help.
theres is everything and anything you need here
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