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My experience is good at City Of Angels. I really admire the teachers in the Wilmington school site because they offer a lot of help if you need it. I just joined City Of as a high school senior and it helps balance school work and my job. They are understanding and I like how I can talk to my teacher individually and the time I'm there it's really all about me; what I struggle in, want help in, and what I need. I'm also given good opportunities, for example I am designing the teachers logos for their shirts. I'm really excited and happy to be able to be apart of such a school that welcomes individuality, opportunities, and growth.
Within the City of Angels location that I was within, the disorganization and workload that the teachers received was crushing. The teachers were sometimes also underprepared for the jobs they were participating in, meaning that they were not able to help their students with certain areas of the work they struggled in. In return, the students were subject to suffering, as the teachers over them was simply smothered by deadlines and unnecessarily added processes within their days. The workload for the students was also ridiculous, as they forced students to work with rote behavior and squandered creativity and ingenuity for the students to learn.
My experience at City Of Angels High School was really good with dealing with one on one time with teacher . Also working was very good due to not having to many students since it was home school but you check in with the teacher 3 time a week . This is a great school for a person that might be struggling with to many students ,and easily distracted by other students .The time we are living in with all the school shootings I would prefer to have a less public school setting with less kids and everyone is all here to just learn . When you are at the City of Angels school it's all about helping you finish high school while working along with you step by step .
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It was an amazing and safe environment for me to learn, and really helped me focus on my studies. Also, the teachers that I had were very kind and always wanted us to do our best. I was able to flourish and really love school, and figure out what I want to pursue in life. I look back at my time spent at City of Angels and have nothing but fond and happy memories.If your struggling in school and need a change in environment, I totally recommend City of Angeles for you.
Teachers there truly take the time to help you learn subjects you're struggling with and truly care about pushing you to do the best you can. City of Angels is fundamentally independent study so there isn't much need for clubs or activities. Maybe it would be a good thing to have, but at the same time we go to turn in the work we do independently, not to stick around following the same regulations as a traditional school. The school respects that some students may be handling part time jobs as well. I personally graduated because I had the support of the great teachers who took the time to help me learn and counselor who taught me time management skills.
I think it’s an excellent option for an independent school but I wish there was more college preparatory resources.
As a senior ready to graduate, it is important for me to have excellent guidance throughout my last year in high school. The teachers and college counselor have given me nothing less than this. I appreciate the time and support they were willing to give. Thanks to the resources at City Of Angeles, I am more than prepared to tackle on college.
Cit of Angels Independent Study is an excellent school! I'm currently in my senior year, and I started the second semester of sophomore year. It was a major change from public school, but it was much better for me. There are challenges having complete control of your work, but working on my own time and bypassing the distractions of school works much better for me, and it's so much less stressful. I'm grateful that my teacher cares about my learning and that I like her. I also have friends that are doing this school with me. It's a great school if you need to make up work, too, because you can finish as much work as you need to in time. If you're able to maintain your work its great.
My experience was great the teachers really helped me stay on top of what was going on. My counselor helped me get a scholarship and my teacher was always rooting for me.
I've attended City of Angels since 7th grade and I only have good things to say. City of Angels is an amazing independent study program with truly great teachers who want you to succeed. I could not recomend the school enough, leaving regular public school and swiching to independent studies was the best distion i coul've made for my academic future.
This school is okay. It is a good way to keep students busy in and out of "class" (their hour-long visit with their teachers). my teachers were laid back (could be considered as a little too laid back) and not very helpful, as they did not really know the material and referred me to online tutors. They do, however, care about you very much.
What I liked about city angels independent studies is that they were very flexible to my schedule. The teachers were caring and very supporting. They went above and beyond to see me walk the stage during the graduation. The downside is that they only had two teachers and not a lot of resources. But other than that I had a wonderful experience at city of angels independent studies.
I was homeschooled. Nothing much happened all you do is turn in assignments and get more homework. wish they had prom and other regular school activities but they don't because its a home school/independent studies.
This is an independent studies school which makes it harder for there to be clubs and organizations. Students are at different levels and have different schedules of attending.
This school is unique for the amount of individual time you are given with a teacher. You are able to ask more questions and do the work at your own speed. The teachers will always be available and help you out in everything. This school not only focuses on the academics but the interests, hobbies and passions of the students. I would choose to attend this school because I've gained so much independence and knowledge about so many topics that I taught myself.
The teachers make sure we leave the classroom with more knowledge than what we came in with. They ensure we are learning and not doing work just for a grade. They have engaging styles that not only catch our attention but make us want to learn more. These teachers show their commitment and passion for teaching and being a part of the students lives. They create a safe learning environment free of judgement. These teachers give so much and they are extremely important because they play such a big role in the development of the students future.
It's pretty calm and safe.
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Most students worked together under the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. as a part of a Clean & Green team.
The only thing I didn't care for was having to relocate to a different campus.
All the teachers are helpful and really want to see you succeed and graduate. This school is for students who need an alternative form of high school and it delivers exactly that. The guidance counselor for colleges was not at the City of Angels site that I was taking my courses but he was always very responsive over email.
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