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The way the school taught was impressive. Administration could use work. Student councilor was terrible. Office staff were extremely helpful and nice. Security had too much power. Not many sports. As the years progressed the amount of diversity kept getting smaller. Parents were too involved in things they should not have been. Tried to incorporate music and arts to compensate sports but the main goal was still academic. Chose to keep GRPS teaching with the IB curriculum, that was bad.
City High/Middle School definitely set me up for a better career headed into college and what comes after, using the IB experience to shape me into someone ready to become a functioning adult in the real world. I feel as though I'm prepared to tackle what the future holds for me due to my experience at this school and with the IB curriculum. However, with all great things there comes a downside, in this case being an extensive workload which occasionally leads to overwhelming stress. I believe that this is worth it for the benefits of what comes after with your test scores and the merit of having the IB diploma.
City is an incredibly rigorous program that has great teachers and an amazing community. While City is a difficult school, it does a great job of preparing you for college. The community at City is very accepting of anyone, and the teachers are always there to help you. I am very glad I went to this school.
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City Middle/High was an academically focused school with no high school sport team. IB credit was hard to get and not much transferred to college. Just go to a normal high school instead.
It is a very tough school if you do not manage your time correctly and procrastinate a lot. However, the teachers understand (especially when you get into the diploma program for IB) that the workload is a lot and will be more flexible. The friends I have made here have probably been the best part. There is this weird sense of community being with fellow students who are just as stressed as you are.
I loved the teachers and students at this school. The atmosphere is something you won't find at any other school. The staff is hilarious and they really care about their students. Food isn't great but hey, it's a public high school. It won't be 5-star cuisine.
Unless you are positive about getting the IB diploma it is best you leave after 10 grade. Leaving opens so many more opportunities such as duel enrollment, KCTC, JROCT and any other thing you want, you get ahead.

It does not seem like all of the teachers care about your best way of learning so believe their way is the right way and not every teachers teaching style is best for the class as a whole. Often it will feel like you are not learning.
The stress and work is a lot for most students and it is very difficult. Really helps to prepare students for college.
Classes are definitely challenging but the biggest problem is all the stress the students are under. Administration is working on helping the student's stress level
Academically challenging. The school is like a family due its small size per grade. Most teachers are well trained in their subject area and how it pertains to IB. Can be very overwhelming and stressful with IB assessments on top of GRPS district requirements.
This is great a school. It offers IB credits along with all of my classes be a year ahead of my level. I feel like I am really growing into my never-ending potential.
City High Middle School is an amazing place for students who want to be highly educated and are hard workers. City is an IB (International Baccalaureate) school, so it follows both the criteria of Grand Rapids Public schools and that of IB. I have been going to this school for 5 years and the most challenging part is the workload. Doing so much work with little pay off caused me to lose a little bit of my drive and not really understand the value of doing everything to the best of my abilities. Much of the difficulties are thoroughly explained before attending this school and vary from person to person. For example, some students might love and appreciate the challenges this school has to offer while others might not be able to handle the workload and it could cause stress or anxiety. Overall this school does a good job of giving students a worldview and helping students who are eager to learn.
City High is a school where students are able to learn in the IB curriculum and although it is a ver large change it helps adapt students to new environments and really prepare them for college.
The teachers at this school were the best teachers in the district. They cared for the students and would take time to help students who were struggling. Offered one of the best college- ready programs for high school students. The program could be difficult at times and with the support from the staff, it made the end goal possible. Overall, I believe that City High/Middle School impacted my way of life, from the emphasize of composting and recycling to becoming open-minded and more accepting.
The environment of City Middle/High is open-minding and accepting. Students of can find a group of friends and a voice at school. The pedagogy of classroom is based on discussion and inquiry, rather than lectured based. This allows for student to build a deeper understanding of the content for each subject. Most teachers allow student to express their opinions and question ideas and beliefs. I would like to see better communication between the administration and students about events, schedules and changes that are occurring.
Though I've loved knowing that at the end of this experience I will receive a IB diploma, the journey towards that has been difficult. So much work has been loaded on over the years that it's exhausting and sometimes overly difficult to catch a break, which can be really detrimental to my mental health at times.
City is a gem of a school. The way that the school blends together and the beautiful atmosphere makes it a great school. The teachers are motivated to influence the minds of the kids, and the children respect the teachers for that. The inclusiveness of everyone makes you understand that together, we can achieve more. The one downside is that there are no actual varsity teams, or any High school sports program.
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Very diverse and education-oriented. Great teachers. Friendly environment. Extremely capable children. College readiness level is very high. Parents are very involved.
I attended from 2005 to 2011. Humanities were excellent overall; math was decent, but not inspiring; science was generally sub-par. Very safe, very liberal for West Michigan. It was the best fit for me in the area. At the time, GRPS was corrupt and broke, so resources were lacking.
The teachers at this school are very friendly and display genuine care for the students. Teachers are understanding when students have circumstances that may effect their work or performance. This school has helped to prepare me for the SAT through a SAT practice class that I went through when I was in eleventh grade, this class helped my score increase by around one hundred points. The school lunch and breakfast is not all that great, so I usually just bring lunch from home. The line to get lunch is also long as well, which is another reason to pack a lunch instead of eating what the school provides.
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