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Well the 742 district has a great learning environment with great students and teachers, but i think that the Schools could have better methods of teaching. The schools are rated terrible on every review website i visit which pretty much sets a bad image for families who are trying to enroll their students to the school. Thankfully my family gave the district a chance before i we could check the online ratings because if we did i don't think we could have possibly gone their. The learning curriculum itself wasn't as bad as the reviews online as they really were.
ISD 742 differs greatly from school to school, and needs to address more relations between different groups of students and improve the facilities. Overall, ISD 742 offers a good education but only if the family and student are purposeful in choosing their school and classes.
I like the diversity at school, you learn acceptance very quickly. I dislike how sketchy it can be. Most people carry pepper spray or a pocket knife just to feel slightly safer at school.
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What I like about District 742 is the diversity it has and the free education. The staff really helps the students feel comfortable being at school. They make you feel happy and safe about going to school and learning.
District 742 has provided me with several opportunities I am eternally grateful for: AP Classes, extensive clubs and activities to participate in, and a caring and fantastic faculty. The district has made me love learning and being an active member of my community, and I have had an excellent experience with Saint Cloud schools! My only complaint is the facility I attend, Technical High School, is nearly 100 years old. The school is outdated and not necessarily equipped to accommodate the modern student. However, this is not by fault of the district: our school district has tried several times to pass a referendum for a new Tech, but our community wasn't receptive until this year, when a new Tech High was approved. Sadly, I won't get to attend the new school, but I am very glad it will positively influence future Tech students and create even better learning environments!
Tech high is a great school. There are many students and everyone treats each other with respect. We work together like we are family. We are tech pride! Acedemically we are very well known high school in Saint Cloud. We have the best students. I like the opportunity that there are AP courses, College credit courses, Senior to Sophomore, and variety of ways to earn credits and expand gpa higher. The diversity is great! Many people new faces each day as well. All different types of culture and we even have a club that represents diversity. Tech is also known for its diversity and welcoming. We are the tiger's eyes on success meaning we are all thriving for success!!! Tech Tigers!!!
My experience with District 742 has been good! Through out the six years I have been apart of their community, I have not had any problems with anything. The teachers are wonderful! The one thing I would change is the college readiness. I started taking post secondary classes this fall semester, and I realized that my high school has not gotten me ready for college.
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