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City High was a great school for creating and developing community connections. The curriculum focused quite a lot on student health and enjoyment. The teachers were understanding, and made personal connections with their students. City High School has crafted a wonderful personal community, but I would like to see the academics be improved.
They have good teachers that truly care about their students and will do everything they can to help them succeed. The students also care about each other.
As a small school, City High School can't really afford cameras, guards, etc etc..
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City High offers many great after school programs which rarely cost the students a dime.
City High School is able to create a safe, educational,, fun and interesting environment engaged around community efforts and experiential education
There is a wide variety of teaching styles, as all the teachers have very different backgrounds and are able to bring something new, with their experiences, to the table.
They watch out for us.
The after school activities we have differ. There are so many student and staff lead clubs.
The parents are very supportive.
I feel comfortable around my teachers, They are kind, and very open minded.
Anything that a student may need can be found by someone in the school
Every teacher is allowed their own teaching style and can teach their classes according to how they feel is best fit for the students to learn
There's such a large variety of people here, and everyone is so accepting
Though drug and alcohol use off-campus is rather common, all students are very caring of each other and it is a very safe environment
Best school I have attended, and I truly regret having not done what I could to remain a student.
This school has amazing lunches, and every student takes advantage.
Everyone does their best to keep City High a safe environment for everyone.
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Seeing as though it's a more artful school, there is only a small basketball team.
Every teacher knows exactly what they're doing and how to make it understandable for each and every student.
There are so many opportunities for students to create their own clubs.
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