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My kid was bullied, principal did nothing! Founding parent "sugar coat" and remove bad comment about that school that would circulate online. School is extremelly overcrowd, it is impossible to walk between classroom without getting stamp by other kids!
The academic experience that I had was one of a kind. Not only are your teachers there to support you through any and every academic challenge, but they are also there to for you with emotional and mental support. They offered a generous variety of elective classes and clubs, so everyone is able to discover their strengths and find passions. Various core-class levels are available as well. Whether you are in the most advanced class or a foundations class, you will receive the support that you need, while continuously being challenged and pushed to your limits (in the best way possible).
City Charter Middle School is a very safe environment, physically and emotionally. Because our school was so small with three grades and only around 360 students, it was not necessary to have armed guards, metal detectors, random contraband sweeps, or random drug dog sweeps. We were in a very safe neighborhood and having a few security guards that served as shadows for kids who needed their guidance was just enough to make everyone feel safe, but not imprisoned. My school was also a big believer in integrity, so the teachers and faculty did not feel it was necessary to put cameras inside the school to monitor us, but I believe that there were some outside for security purposes.
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Although I did not participate in any in-school sports, I know that most of our teams did very well. Most made it to the playoffs and ended up placing well amongst other schools. The sports that I played were outside of school. For example, AYSO All Stars Soccer League and I dance at a studio near by. In school, I took part in Student Council and the school's yearbook club which were thought of highly by other students and the teachers.
My three years at this school were so unique and fantastic that I continued by going to their high school. I had so many one of a kind experiences by going to a charter school such as this. We went on camping and adventure trips yearly because my teachers and principal wanted the school to bond as a whole and make memories that will last a lifetime, rather than looking back on our middle school experience and remembering sitting in a classroom for three years straight.
The teachers at City Charter Middle School go above and beyond in many ways. They help us to not only understand, but to enjoy the things that we are learning. They seem to truly care about us, not only as students in school, but take an interest in our lives outside of school. This allowed us to have a connection to school and our teachers, so many of us did not just think of our teachers as the people we learn from, but as people we can turn to in a time of need and for advice in any situations.
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