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I enjoy the teachers looping every year with us. However, the dress code and senior year demands are very strict. Coming into City High was very difficult because I had already had advanced classes in middle school and City High does not piggyback off of the classes you have already had.
Overall it was a great school, I learned mostly from grad project (research project), science class and electives I chose. The teachers stay with the same students for the four years all throughout high school but not many stayed for the full four years. The chefs make amazing food but the school is definitely not known for sports but they did just renovate the basement to have their very own gym. I would recommend coming here for a professional and a college-ready high school diploma. As long as you are ready for improving GPA and independence, it would definitely be for you with amazing opportunities to grow. An internship is also required to graduate which is great to put on your resume.
My experience here at City High is amazing. The school takes you on great field trips that you will never forget. The education is well taught. We learn how to work with word docs, powerpoint, Excel, etc. We learn how to do taxes, pay a bill and even write checks. I have been going to this high school my whole 4 years of school. The only thing that I would like to change is the dress code we have to wear profedssion clothing and flats if your a girl. I not saying that there is anything wrong with that because they are preparing us for the future. I am still a teen and I do not like to wear that stuff. I love this school overall they really do prepare us for the future and I really want to thank them for that.
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This is a great college preparatory school. It prepares you for college and also develops you professionally.
I really like City High. Bullying is low, and the new classes aren't very cliquey. The chefs are kind and food(mostly)is good, better than public school food for sure. Most teachers have some sort of relationship with their students, there are always 1 or 2 teachers that seem disconnected but most teach very well. The 3 months on 1 month off is very helpful. Right when I'm ready to give up and end it all there's a month break. Even though we're here over the summer, I do feel very prepared for college next year especially since they're putting us in cubicles soon. There are endless places to eat after a long day at school. The SAGE(Student Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship)program lets students create and manage businesses like creating candles, designing sweatsuits, etc. It gives us a sense of control and a very good idea of how it is to run a true business, because everyone has a different role. A downside to going to City High is that there are no school sports.
I like the teacher and faculty involvement in the student's lives. They take the time to listen to our problems and try to help us out with whatever we're dealing with. The school prepares you for college and the real world outside. I only wish the school could be more like a high school with sports teams and pep rallies because I didn't get that full high school experience.
This is a very good school that gets you ready for college. At first I didn't think I would enjoy this school very much because of how different it is compared to your traditional public school, but I have grown to love it!
I have been with this school for 4 years. I have grown a lot of relationships with the teachers and other students. I have learned so much that will help me when out of high school. I would have to say that the school does not let you express your self as much as other schools would.
City Charter has prepared me completely for my post-high school plan. The first thing I learned there was how to learn independently. The staff will give assignments that encourage you to answer your own questions and research before asking. When a person graduates, there isn't going to be a teacher over your shoulder waiting to answer your questions.
City High also sets up their school to give students a business environment. The dress code is business casual attire, we have our own laptops, each grade is on separate floors, completing an internship junior year, and senior year we are placed in cubicles with college-like schedules. Instead of having classes every period, we have Quiet Room time in our cubicles in-between lectures and seminars to independently do our work.
It was definitely a culture shock coming from a Pittsburgh public school, but I am more than prepared to tackle what college has to throw at me.
I love City High. All of the teachers are fantastic and you receive an amazing education. It is a safe place for everyone, especially the students. It is an extremely welcoming environment as well.
It is no secret that City Charter High School is very strict when it comes to certain things such as dress code and classroom procedures. Even though it may get on your last nerves. There is no other place that would have rather had my high school experience. I was able to build strong bonds with my teachers because I have been with them since the 9th grade. They deeply care about you way beyond the walls of your classroom. Which is the one of the biggest reasons why I love my school so much .
Teachers were great! They cared about each student and did their best to see their students succeed.
City Charter High School is a great place to take your kids, although they have many things that they could improve on. They require you to communicate with your peers often and you are sometimes graded based off of the work you all produce. That isn't very good at times, considering most of the students don't have any clue what they are doing. They just need to improve on teaching and the way they grade their students.
I like everything from the technology to the community. I would like to see sports and extra curricular activities introduced.
What I like about City Charter High School is that there's always something new to learn in your classes. Especially in classes such as Cultural Literacy (History and English connected) and Financial Literacy. This school has a lot to offer for students and they open so many doors for when it comes to finding the right career path for each student. The atmosphere is friendly and there aren't many problematic situations in the school. To have the best experience at this school mainly depends on how students connect with each other. The school itself, with their staff, commodities and surroundings, is pretty unique. The purpose of the school to for it to be surrounded by the workforce in the city, to give students the best first-hand experience for what it feels like to be around other people who have actual careers.
All floors look the same, the thing I would like to change is the creativity and for the teachers to be more friendly.
I like City high its a good school if you want your children to be ready for college then sign them up for city high. I been going to these school starting 9th grade and now I'm a current senior and I wouldn't change a thing.
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My kids both went to City High. The eductaional experiences they gained there has paid off for them! Both are doing well and are in college. The support they got at the school helped them in every way possible. I never had to worry about their safety because every time I came to the school I saw how protected they were. They even have school safety officers out front of the school and on the corners after school watching over them. I have not hesitated once about reccending friends and family to attend. Thanks for everything you do!!
I like City High because everyone is very nice. They help me with anything that I need. I think we need more clubs at our school and longer classes.
I am currently a Junior at City High, and I love it! There are a few things that I would change, but generally I feel like I have had a great experience here and that I have grown as a person because of it. Teachers are great, academics lacks in some places for advanced students. Fights happen sometimes but are controlled well, lots of college readiness. I wish we had sports for students to band around.
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