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City Arts & Tech High School Reviews

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I like that the school is small and that you get more opportunities to get help from a teacher or someone who walks in the classes. I also liked that they make it about community and that they try to make sure I feel welcomed no matter how long I been there my whole 4 years of high school.
The teachers are very caring but the curriculum is messy. I had a reversing door of math teachers so when I reached college I struggled with math courses.
It has an atmosphere that really shapes your character, but in certain moments it gets hectic due to small lapses in staff and affairs. Overall, I enjoyed my experience, I got actual learning done and became a more outright person.
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The material I learned in these classes helped me to better evolve my thoughts and ideas on society. I really enjoyed the diversity and the teachers were always so thoughtful and caring with students.
It is a great school to have a better opportunity to attend college.Teachers really push you to succeeded.
I went to CAT all 4 years, and the first couple were honestly great, but the last 2 just sank the school to a new low. I love the teachers and how much they care. But the school in general was just small and very simple.
My school was really amazing, like any other school it has it's flaws, but this school forced me to push my limit and learn a lot about how much I can achieve. Most of the people were really nice and encouraging. They helped everyone learn at the same pace and no one was ever left behind.
What i like about this school is that there is diversity, there is trachers who supports the children. The school is very small to where you get one on one help by the teachers.
A great charter school, but has much room to grow. Decent students, some very dedicated teachers. With more funding, more of the low-income kids can be inspired to pursue and graduate college.
The teachers at City Arts and Technology high school are easily approachable and generally nice to interact with on most cases. The school is very small so a student could get to know every teacher.
There are many clubs and electives that help the students be more engaged in the school. I feel that they can still be improved though.
My favorite experiences at City Arts and Tech is participating in the fun activities that they come up with. For example, spirit week, teachers vs students basketball game, karaoke, etc.
The teachers at my school are very supportive and care for all the students. As a junior at CAT high school I have been encouraged to do bigger and better things in life. They communicate very well with the student to make sure that everyone understands the lesson.
Safety is very important at this school. The staff is very firm about the safety policy.
So far as activities, there are very few clubs and activities at this school. Many of the students at this school are not excited or prep to join clubs. Because their are very few clubs and extra curricular many of the students do not support those that are made and contributed by the school.
The parents at City Arts and Tech does not participate in family events such as family night. Many of the parents are busy at work but sometimes students may need the support of their parents to push them to do better in school. Parents are active at home, but towards school not so much.
The teachers at City Arts & Tech are engaging with the students especially out of class, helping with homework and assignments and staying after 2-3 extra hours for the support of the students. The teachers at my school care about the students but sometimes may not always be aware of how much the students take advantage of them. Some of the teachers do not use real world examples which may be harder for some other students to learn the concept of a subject.
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In my opinion this school to great because they do care about each and every school for being successful in life and help to achieve the student goals.This school is a little difficult for me still i transfer in the third year of hooch school but it is a very well school and i would recommend this school to many people.
The best leadership/college-prep school ever!
I personally do not eat the school lunch anymore because I got sick form eating it. My friends eat it and they do not really like it but they eat because they are hungry.
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