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I love City Academy because of the phenomenal teachers, staff and faculty. I love that it’s a small school allowing everyone of the amazing teachers to be Civically engaging with everyone of the students and extremely helpful. the one thing I would love to see is a weight room for the P.E. Class but other than that everything is amazing.
I personally like City Academy because of: the one on one attention you have with every teacher, the opportunity to have Cambridge classes meaning the students has the ability to get college credits while being a high school student. The school has high expectations for all of the students and the teachers would love to help you to meet those expectations. One thing I would like to see change is the appreciation for the teachers from the people above them. Another thing would be better choices for lunches for the students.
A culture filled with abuse. There are no sports, clubs, or pride. This school is a purgatory for children who don’t fit in. It doesn’t even attempt to nurture those children
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I witnessed a teacher throw things at students, demean and harass students, and they’re still employed there. I don’t think this school is at the point where it can be changed. The administration is focused on money and enrollment, but refuses to give any attention to greater issues at hand. This includes the lack of heating, sparse class choice, and overall hate filled environment
I love City Academy because of their small class sizes. The teacher student ratio allows for more personal support from my teachers. Another reason is that there is a great amount of diversity at the school. I love interacting with other students that are different from me. I love their amazing theater program. This program has grown so much in the last two years. The last thing that makes City Academy stand out in the state of Utah is that it is the first high school in Utah to offer Cambridge awarded diplomas. The extra rigor of Cambridge A Level courses not only prepares you for college level coursework, but the focus of these classes is on learning, not just test scores.
The High-level teachers were the best I have ever had, with them giving you the time of day at a moments notice and helping with questions and problems you may have. The most notable thing about them was their ability to make you think, not just on what you were working on but on anything that you desired.
But the problem was communication and things like that, with them having such a desire for new students that they would would overlook problems in the school that would end up hurting them in the long. Along with that there was at times a lack of supplies and support from the administration, with the values that they "hold dear" hurting themselves and causing problems with teachers and students. Namely if something wasn't a problem they would make it one.
Personally I love City Academy, I have been a student since 7th grade and the school is small so I know everyone from all grades. The people there are really nice and there are no stereotypes, like most public school have. The teachers and students also have a good relationship because we have small classes.
City Academy has a feeling of closeness and care, and gives all students a rich education in the classics. The art teacher is an artist, top notch. Our chemistry teacher is unbelievably good. Lit and math teachers are phenomenal. The theater program is rambunctious and rich. We have teachers from England and Denmark. The French teacher spent many years in France and Europe. Our new principal has been in charge of schools all around the globe; our director has been with the school from its beginning.
The rich range of teachers and the good-heartedness of its students and faculty makes this a fine and interesting and caring school. Please look into it as a choice for your child. We are one of the original Salt Lake charter schools, small, a few blocks down from the Governor's mansion, at the corner of 600 East and 200 South, just below the Avenues.
I think City offers a personalized education with a strong, and supportive, faculty. They have a great after school program and offer a well balanced education in the Arts, STEM, and Common Core.
We are new to City Academy this year and so far so good. We chose the school because of its investigative approach and because it's the only school in the state that offers the Cambridge International Program. The school is small which allows for more interaction between students and teachers and the downtown location is great.
The students are nicer than I have ever encountered at a regular high school, and the teachers actually care about their students, which is rarely found anywhere else. At City Academy, it is not just a school: it is a community who cares for one another. Teachers who understand that every student learns differently, and that there are many different ways to go about getting something done. I feel safe there.
No school spirit at all it seems, also no outside school events just in school events making you stay in school because Sonia the dean just wants it count as a school day. We used to have school spirit and out side events but Sonia will not let events go on, or restricts them so much their is no point to have them because of her putting down the lack of spirit with her rules.
It is an urban school, but we do have a fire station across the street and a police station a few blocks down the road. However because of our location I also do believe we are weakest or most vulnerable if an earthquake occurs. The school nurse is also fairly lacking.
The Mock Trial Team is the school's pride and joy. I am proud to have participated in both my Junior and Senior years. This year we did have an issue recruiting students, but we got a team together and this year we won the Utah State Championship (we are the first team from our school to do so). We go on to Nationals in Boise, Idaho in May. The Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball teams never have a problem recruiting students, but we rarely win those games. The students still manage to have fun and build friendships through any and all of these activities.
This school has been a great change compared to my past experiences. The small class sizes offer a larger focus on education, but also allow room for academic flexibility. Throughout the years I have gained great socializing skills with people of all personality types, I can write beautiful timed essays, and I have even learned how to effectively take charge of certain school projects.
The teachers are fine individuals. They each have their own real personality but all are ready to help you on a personal basis. Some teachers allow eating in their rooms for lunch, others keep a kettle in the room for you to make tea yourself (so long you bring your mug and keep it clean). The teaching styles do vary, but in the end they all are usually welcome to a short side topic conversation regarding current events. They really just become your authoritative friends, so much so that various alumni have come back to visit and say hello to them.
City academy is a great school. Our teachers, students, and staff work hard to make it a good environment.
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This school is very safe. If there's a problem it's quickly resolved.
The salads are typically the best thing to eat.
The administration is always helpful. They are never heavy handed and attempt to see things from the students perspective.!
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