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I am a senior in high school and I love all my teachers at CV! One teacher in particular there, Mrs. Mackenzie, has truly been a mentor and a counselor to me as I have gone through some major changes in my life through high school. The school spirit is amazing and there are amazing opportunities for people to get involved. I am heavily involved in yearbook, newspaper, DIY club (do it yourself craft club) and Jesus at Citrus Club. There is a place for everyone to get involved from clubs to ASB to sports.
Citrus Valley Highschool is a amazing school, the administration and teachers are hard workers and very kind, they provide there students with a great high school experience. The academics provided are perfect for preparing a student for the future ahead of them. Citrus Valley Highschool provides many resources for students that struggling in there academics or in everyday life. Citrus Valley is a all around good school.
Citrus Valley High School provides a cool environment to learn. It had tons of classes for students to enroll in and provides lots of opportunities for students to succeed.
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It was alright, I just didn't connect with most people there because the culture was very materialistic and social statusy. Also people loved the drama and mostly kept to their circles. Inclusion and being more open minded, especially the students, in reaching out and making friends and connections with different people would be very important to the reputation and future of the school.
My experience at citrus valley has been a very good one. I’m on an honors course and they have been very helpful in preparation for college. All of their programs are well sustained and all of the teachers very helpful. They push students on the right track to college and life. The campus and environment is also very nice and there’s no violence and barely any types of bullying. Overall great school.
Citrus Valley High School is one of the newest schools in the Redlands School District, however it needs to also be impressive on the inside starting with staff. CVHS needs to consider establishing a better group of educators and administration that care about the well being of the students while maintaining the students are learning in the most efficient way. Digital learning does not benefit students entirely. CVHS as of now does not offer a range of non-digital classes that meet graduation standards. Educators should not exclude teaching jobs that do not meet a college level especially considering there will always be large number of students that do not plan on attending college. High School is a crucial building block to adulthood and college life, with that I believe CVHS needs to not direct their focus on how certain ideas may "look good on paper" but more importantly how each decision affects the success of each grade level of students.
I loved Citrus Valley High School. My whole experience was nothing but positive for all three years. The school spirit for fun and an overall good time was the most comforting aspect at my school. The push for a good education and being involved in sports, clubs, and so much more was encouraging throughout my years here. From the teachers to the different events held through my school, my fondness of the school grew day to day. Overall, I love my school and am so grateful to have matured in a special place like Citrus Valley High School.
This school has been my home for three years and it has become a place where I know I am safe and somewhere that is going to have me ready for anything that comes in my future.
I graduated from Citrus Valley High School two years ago, and I remember the inclusivity and the nurturing environment created by the staff and the students. As a student the focus of faculty and administration was not solely on academics, but on molding students to be more well-rounded. Emphasis was put on clubs and activities, sports, music, arts, and plenty of other extracurricular activities that would push us to achieve success in the future. During my time there I always felt safe, even during the times when we would go on lockdown. The school was also diverse in culture, which allowed for students to be a part of an environment that celebrated differences.
Very clean campus, best campus out of all the schools in the district. Really sweet staff, overall made my four years of high school really easy. I felt prepared for college, only thing I wish I would of done is take honors classes because those teachers put so much effort into making sure the students understood the material.
Its a great school! This school is so much better than many other. If your looking for a school around this are I strongly recommend in some sports we are good and others not so much but overall we do pretty great...
This school has a very strong sense of community, everyone is very accepting. The teachers are all very supportive of the students, and are always very helpful about all situations of life.
Citrus Valley has excellent academic and athletic departments, and puts a high focus on preparing students for college. Architecturally, its single-story layout is unusual for a high school, but helpful in terms of accessibility. As a student-athlete there, I was well-supported in my endeavors, and I greatly appreciated the wide variety of AP classes offered.
Caring and nurturing teachers. Lot's of opportunities to get help when needed. Wonderful music/fine arts department. Fun environment and school spirit. Clubs and interest groups.
extremely friendly environment. faculty is interactive and welcoming. new school so clean campus too
I enjoyed the programs and classes they provided for college readiness, and advise people to be more involved so they can learn more about how to be prepared for college.
Citrus Valley High School is a good place to go for academics. However it is an extremely undiverse school, where the interests of the minority groups are very poorly represented in activities done by the school, and by the representatives of the student body.
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Citrus Valley High has shaped me into the person I am today, as it was my home for the past 4 years. Highschool can either be known as the best or worst years of your life and from the students to the staff everyone is friendly, caring and want to motivate its students to do the best in everything they can.
Great high school to prepare for college. Great Counselors and teachers. The amount that the staff in the office treats students well and give more attention to what possible issues are present. The sports program is excellent and it allows any student to begin in a sport with ease. The atmosphere is more vibrant with students and teachers interacting with each other about class assisgnments or college readiness
Good school in the area that is relatively new and has a very nice campus. Opted for Redlands High School though for my education.
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