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I like that the people who attended Citrus Hill were very nice, helpful students. The staff at this high school was also very helpful and cared about everyone's well being and education.
I enjoyed the school activities that were offered which allowed various forms of students to participate and be involved in campus activities. The only aspect I would change would be the students' involvement in being allowed to decide certain school activities.
The staff is amazing. The environment in classes are so safe. The teachers do their job and deliver effective lectures.
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Since my freshman year , I’ve loved the way my teachers get involved with my academic life. Everyone shows CLASS and is there for support. I would say no other high school will be better than Citrus Hill!
This school is literally the best, has the best teachers that get us ready for the big tests coming up. Very good environment.
citrus hill was a very laid back school. Everyone was so chill, the staff was great. However i wish we have more freedom as seniors, we didn't get senior sunrise, no off campus lunches, no senior parking spaces.. etc
Citrus hill is a fun campus while managing to stay lowkey. For me, I had the best high school experience from involving myself in clubs, sports, and activities such Student government, marching band, and color guard. The more involvement, the more you get to experience on and off the campus.
What I like about citrus is that all the teachers help us grow in every way.I also like homecoming it helps student forget about classes for a while and have fun.
I graduated from citrus in 2018 and my overall experience at citrus was great. I remember loving going to school and all my memories are good for the most part. One thing I do wish was better was the administration some of them were rude and cocky in a way which is unprofessional on their part.
citrus hill high school to me is a very safe and committed environment to the studies of all the students. something I really love about citrus hill high school is the fact that this school helps one another and it projects a very loving and caring environment to one another. Although one thing I would love to see a change in this school is the maintenance in this school that's is all I would love to see a change in and also the coaches for the sports. overall Citrus Hill High School is to my perspective one of the best, most warming schools in the city.
I would like to see more diversity, and better facilities. Despite all that Citrus Hill High School is a very good high school. There are no cliches or knit groups because everyone is open to everyone and you do not have to fit a certain criteria to be friends with someone. The teachers are also very genuine and honest. They will try their best to make sure that the students are successful . They will go out of their way to help students both academically and personally.
A student that graduated from Citrus Hill High School, I liked how the staff were really motivated for students to apply for college. The only issue is that they need to improve the restroom and have more available.
Citrus Hill is a great high school. It has a loving atmosphere and a great opportunity for the students to connect and have amazing friends.
well i wouldn't say it was a bad experience but like anything else it can be improved. I essentially grew up within this school but i feel that academically it didn't prepare me as much as i would of hoped.
Citrus has been open to everyone all over campus. All teachers are kind enough to talk to us students about anything we need to know. The school is full of happiness and there’s lots of activities to get involved in with who ever you’d like.
Being at Citrus has made me create new friends that I was able to be more comfortable with then ones I had in middle school and that weren't acting real friends towards me. Citrus has had a lot of opportunities so I can better myself and find what I want to do later on in my life, especially with all the college workshops and having different colleges come and give a presentation about what their school is all about, so I could see for myself which schools I would be interested in applying to.
My experience at Citrus was great I got to meet all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds and races. There are several school events and clubs one could participate in and it's fairly easily to make friends. The staff is very supportive and the teachers are great they are there for you if it academic purposes or just to talk. This high school has great spirit during spirit weeks when there is going to be a rally, we support each other in our community.
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My three years at Citrus Hill has been amazing. I was very involved in ASB, Tech Theater, FFA, Debt Club and the National Honor Society. Besides having so many activities to do the staff was kind, the students were great and the classes were challenging but very do able.
Citrus hill high school is a really big school which has so many good teachers that helps you when you need the help the best thing is soar time which between period 3 and 4 we get to go to a class where we are having trouble to make the subject clear and keep our grades up. What I really like is the opportunity to take Ap classes that can help advance classes in college. Also the counselors are really helpful and whenever we have a problem we can just go see our counselor which is really good I really recommend anyone to enroll in citrus hill high school it is safe and good.
The most down to earth school, full of the most caring teachers. I have not met one teacher on campus that has not gone beyond to see their students succeed!
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