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Citrus High is a place where everyone knows everyone, in some cases that is a good thing and in others it is not. When I was a student at Citrus it was very evident that if your parents were known members of the community then you were favored. It is a sad thing to see in schools but it does happen. I hope that the administration becomes less of a "good ole boy" style and is able to put aside who they know and do the job at hand.
Great High School with Great teachers. Very well at preparing students for college and the world outside of high school. Helped teach social skills and ones used everyday.
As a student attending Citrus High School, its clearly obvious that the teachers thoroughly care about their students and want them to succeed. If they don't understand or need help they will try to help their students as much as possible and offer tutoring. There are various clubs to join and a plethora of sports, as well as the opportunity to perform in an advanced selective group called Breez'. It is a small school and has been a lovely experience so far!
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The staff is very lovely and polite. They care about their students and try to provide quality education while trying to provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved. They are very adamant at sticking to the county handbook, though it may anger students, they are properly doing their jobs.
All four years of my academic and athletic career at Citrus High were all pretty good the teachers showed a lot of attention when help was needed. There were sometimes i struggled but my teachers would never let me get below a C. The coaching that i always had was deffintley excellent.
It’s a good school, but there are somethings I wish would change about it...The principal is amazing and tries to help, including the staff.
I loved the agriculture, AP science, and AVID classes. I found a few teachers that truly loved to teach, so I would love to see a ton more teachers get into Citrus High School. I want the teachers to share their passion for the subject, which they teach.
Citrus High School is the school that has it all. In the little town, Citrus holds a piece every area. Starting as a Freshmen I hated Citrus everyone was so rude and hateful. But Now being a senior Citrus has matured some. People are trying to make changes making our school more comfortable. Last year they had redone the school restrooms and incorporated inspirational words to make everyone feel better. Citrus is slowly being remodeled. They have changed some of the hang out areas and have added more nature to make the area look more beautiful. There have been a few teachers who have impacted my life and my school involvement. The best thing about Citrus is the class Photo. The way photo was taught I have decided on what I want my career to. These teachers have pushed me to do my best and I will be graduating with a 3.8 GPA and as a Magna Cum Claude. Thank you Citrus!
I enjoyed the family like atmosphere. The teacher student connections are greatly appreciated. Some small rules seem to be a little too controlling, other than that my experience was very pleasant.
I liked most of my teachers throughout high school. I do feel like some of them don’t really care about the students and are rude. I also think they can be better at planning events and announcing them to the school.
Like most schools there are teachers who care and ones who do not, there are quite a few teachers here who care about their students' futures.
Citrus High is a good school with great teachers. However the unfair dress code and focus on sports makes this school lack in artistic subjects.
My time at Citrus High School was integral to my development as an individual. I received a very good education from Citrus, one which has prepared me greatly for college, and I truly enjoyed my experience at Citrus.
It's not a bad school, but the communication throughout the school is horrible. Just as well, athletes get much more acknowledgement than the arts programs.
I think my school could definitely use some work but overall its a fun, safe place to learn. Most teachers are great, just have those select few stuck in their ways.
The Experience at Citrus High School is at least i can say, Interesting. there isnt much different about this high that makes it stand out. there is okay diversity, okay staff, okay learning, nothing too significant. there are those few teachers here though that can change your life or bring on a whole new perspective from your life, they can give you a whole new outlook on your future and that is one special thing that stood out from my experience here at Citrus High School.
Citrus is a great High School with numerous AP, honors, and rigorous courses. Most of the teachers are kind and understanding and will go out of their way to help you succeed. Recently Citrus is implementing a new type of computer school into their curriculum. I recommend it.
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Citrus High School is definitely a school to remember. I grew up in the small town of Inverness, Fl. so I fully understood what it was like to know everyone in the school. Citrus High has a great staff who are dedicated to making the school the best it can possibly be. It's AP courses are great and I have learned a lot from taking them. Going to CHS is a worthwile endeavor and I would recommend the school to anyone who asks.
The teachers are great, some are better than others, and some don't actually teach, but all can help you with any problems you may have. Staff is very easy to come into contact with
Citrus High School offers a lot of opportunity to the able. As far as language, this school is lacking. Flawless English and Social Studies programs, but just about everything else is lacking. Citrus High School's bathrooms and lunch are disgusting and administrators just as offensive for the most part, but its redeeming quality would be that there are plenty of amazing teachers (not that they're willing to consider disabilities if you're in advanced classes).
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