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Citizens of the World Charter School Hollywood Reviews

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CWC is an asset to our community. As a mother of two and woman of color it was important to me that my children learn in an environment that was diverse both socially and socio-economically. When we first enrolled I was skeptical, as they touted inclusion and diversity with the focus of their teaching being on social and emotional learning. As the years have progressed I am happy and grateful to say that equal emphasis is placed on EQ and IQ. CWC is nurturing and family oriented and I cannot recommend CWC enough.
We could not have found a better school than Citizens of the World Hollywood!
I've had 3 children attend the school. My older child graduated Citizens of the World Hollywood and is now having an incredible experience at the Citizens of the World Silver Lake middle school program, which is nearby. All of my children have had a wonderful, loving, caring and academically rigorous experience. They have been prepared with a terrific project-based academic program, have been exposed to a diverse group of students, and have learned invaluable social emotional skills. We could not ask for a better experience for our children through these formative years and are 100% confident that it will be invaluable to their lives.
CWC Hollywood is a utopian wonderland. A great gift beyond our wildest dreams. A truly diverse school community that inspires confidence, compassion and the initiative to act and excel.

Our school leaders model the ambition, integrity and kindness that we dream our children will develop. The tremendously thoughtful, creative and energetic teachers are the heart of this school. We have had the pleasure of working with more than 15 teachers so far. We have been nothing short of awestruck by their personal, caring approach coupled with rigor and a quest for excellence. Totally infectious. CWC teachers are constantly exploring new methods, resources and fine-tuning what is already an exceptional curriculum. Group work or collaboration is a priority from K through 6 with a healthy dose of fun and hands on learning opportunities along the way, projects, reading groups, meaningful field trips and Astro camp!
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My daughter was in the founding kindergarten class of CWC Hollywood and will graduate from the 6th-8th grade program this spring. CWC was the ideal school for her -- creative, diverse and intellectually engaging. The focus on social-emotional learning, including conflict resolution skills or "peacemaking," and an emphasis on social justice make this elementary school a vibrant and unique community of thoughtful young citizens (and parents!). The project-based curriculum serves a wide range of kids, meeting them at appropriate developmental levels and helping them learn to work with each other as they grow into avid lifelong learners. This is truly a great school.
We've had three children go through CWC Hollywood and have been so happy with our family's experiences at this elementary school. The project-based curriculum is innovative and engaging, the teachers are dedicated and caring, and the administration has been consistently available and responsive. The focus on social emotional development and the integration of enrichment programs such as visual art, music, physical activity, and Spanish are part of a well-rounded program that matches what is offered at the local private schools. The parent community is engaged, active, and fun. Most importantly, our children enjoy going to school and feel safe, intellectually curious, and celebrated as individuals. This school is truly a gem!
We have 3 children who are at or have gone through CWC Hollywood. My kids were encouraged early on to read (in 1st grade, at least 20 minutes a day). They have been tested frequently to ensure they are reading at and above their level. The quality of their writing has been impressive. Our kids are able to discuss issues/problems in a very mature way, without raising their voices and without physical aggression. Every year, there are new activities added and the school is open to ideas. This year we have a glee club! There is tremendous opportunity for parent involvement which really fosters community. Parent teacher conference always hits home that these teachers really "see" our kids, know their strengths and weaknesses, and have a plan to make them even better. CWC-H has truly been a great experience for our whole family.
I have two children enrolled at CWC Hollywood and my oldest left a private school to come here a few years ago. I've been really impressed with my children's teachers and feel so welcome in the warm community of parents that make up the school. My kids are thriving academically and are engaging with people and concepts they might not have if I kept them in private school or sent them to our local district school. The curriculum model allows students to work together in small groups and my kids have access to Teaching Assistants, Art and Music classes, P.E. and Spanish. This is a school with a lot of heart and soul. I feel proud and lucky to be a part of it.
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