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My experience at Cienega High School was phenomenal. I had the chance to watch the programs grow as well as the town. I participated in sports such as track and field and in clubs such as marching band. Every year the teams grew greater in size and so did the school. It's full of an astonishing community and wonderful teachers. One down side of when I was there is that there weren't enough duel enrollment classes. I graduated in 2020 so this might have changed, but other than that I have nothing but good words about my wonderful high school.
Cienega High School is included in one of the top school districts within Arizona. Out of all of the states I have attended school, I felt that I learned the most while in the Vail School District. I have been able to have many opportunities when it comes to what I want to do in regards to classes that fit me best.
great learning environment and resources, teachers are above and beyond, the sports and athletics also excel on all aspects .
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As a high school, Cienega's biggest advantage was the people. The teachers, and advisors truly cared about their students and wanted them to live up to their potential. However they were working with an underfunded budget that left numerous problems that they had to work around. Gas leaks and decaying buildings were just a few of the problems that hindered the potential of the teachers to assist the kids to their fullest.
Lots of opportunity to try new types of courses in fun subjects while I studied at Cienega. However, the arts department was constantly underfunded while football and other sports received more money. The problems at Cienega were mostly due to the lack of funding in Arizona schools (AZ is ranked one of the worst states in education), but I think they did a great job with the resources given. I would say this high school is one of the best in the Tucson area.
Cienega High School was a wonderful high school that allowed for me to grow as an individual. It was great to be able to have a small town feel within a high school, but for it to also be a very large high school. everyone knew each other and the open campus style was beautiful. Every member of the school cared for one another and the campus atmosphere was always joyful. One aspect of the school I would change is the fact that the schooling seemed very old school and sometimes the learning experience felt as though there was no structure, even though I loved the teachers. Overall, it was a great experience and I am glad I got to be apart of that high school.
Cienega is a tight-knit school that is very spirited and a fun place to be. I've had amazing teachers and counselors and experiences that have helped me become the person I am today. I have met lifelong friends and family through Marching and Symphonic Band. Just like any High School, it has its flaws with drugs and unruly students, but overall, this school has been good to me.
Cienega is a well developed school. It has much diversity within it's students and had outstanding teachers. The teachers truly care about the students and take the time and consideration into their work so their students achieve.
Both epic and not epic I mean the people there could be either epic or, not so epic. Could have had a prom but we making it work
I had one of the best experiences ever. The teachers are super passionate about what they teach. There are so many different types of clubs and opportunities for anyone and what they are interested in. The safety of the students is one of the many things that are a type priority.
I loved being at Cienega all four years of high school. The Cienega staff and environment was so welcoming and safe. I could ask anyone of the adults questions without feeling embarrassed needing help. Great school.
It was a very interactive schools, and every single teacher there was so committed to seeing their students not only graduate, but to really go after opportunities, dreams and goals. There were many great classes that appropriately challenged students and gave them the knowledge and experiences that I could apply in my college courses, as I have already done so.
Cienega is a very engaged high school. The faculty and students have really good relationships and I would like to see that continue. However I think they need to be more inclusive in some programs classes.
Cienega was alright, I did my day to day and graduated with high honors. Problem is that schooling there is so robotic. I got to college and I was way over prepared. My high school and college transcripts could not look any different, I'm doing so much better in college than I ever did in high school. That being said, I had no joy to my learning while there, everything was too structured towards testing. It made school really boring, so I never tried and just thought I was dumb.
Most of the teachers are very good at there job. The campus is good and is kept clean. The students get a good education and learn how to apply themselves.
There were three choices of high schools I could attend to when I left my middle school. I've heard different things about each, namely the stereotypes. I wasn't particularly certain on where I wanted to head, as beyond those stereotypes the schools didn't seem different, aside from Andrada's higher focus on trades. I eventually settled on Cienega.
The staff there are excellent, with their talents ranging from amply preparing students for their AP courses to a strong security staff keeping even the most aggressive students from starting fights. Their sports program is excellent, and there is a reason that Cienega's stereotype is they are the best in terms of sports.
Personally, I am academic. I signed up for multiple AP classes and the students are prepared. I feel college ready from this school.
my favorite teacher Mr.Manas is an excellent teacher. only good thing about the campus. certain teachers are suck ups. not throwing any name out there but mcConnell is one of them.
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When I first moved to vail and started attending Cienega High school, I was very nervous. Yet, all the staff and students there were very friendly and welcoming. The staff at Cienega truly cares about the students education and try everything to help the students succeed. There are many different programs and clubs and are committed to guiding their students towards graduating and finding the perfect college for each one.
I like that Cienega is very flexible about schedules and allows you freedom in what classes you take. Most of the teachers that I've had have been very good.
My experience going to this school was amazing. What I like about cienega high school was that there’s a lot of teachers and staff that care a lot with what your going to do. I don’t believe I Would really change anything about it.
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