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I moved to Cibola two years ago, without knowing anyone. This of course was something difficult for me; I was used to talking to everyone in the school I attended before. However, after the first month, people started talking to me which made me feel really good. Students from all ages, mostly, are really interesting and friendly people. I really enjoy my days of school. Right now, school seems really good, but if I had to change something from it would certainly be the food. I know it's something common for school to not have the best food but at least a better menu. If someone were to attend Cibola, I would highly recommend it. The teachers, the counselors, the office's staff, are just amazing people. They treat you fairly good. Their way to educate is something I really appreciate, there's too many opportunites for anyone. With the help of your conselour, there's no excuse for you failing the school year!
Cibola High was an interesting four years to say the least. The student body is incredibly diverse considering the geographical location, making it easy to find a group you fit in with and perhaps see the human experience through another person's eyes. The classes are, like any other school, either excellent or terrible depending on the teacher you are assigned. Everyone there is ready to help in anyway you need with graduation, creating a supportive and friendly environment!
The teachers are very supportive and the administration cares about the safety and well being of all students.
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I love the teachers and the lessons themselves! I love how we’re taught and most teachers are very passionate teachers. A lot of clubs are offered and there’s always something going on
My experiences is a good for me to learned a lot from teachers, and workers in Cibola High School. What did I like about Cibola High School is joined in any sports that interests me. Plus, they provide me for an ASL interpreter.
Cibola has molded me into the hardworking student I am today. My teachers have pushed me to limits I never knew I could reach and have encouraged me to never give up on my dreams. I have been guided to what career path I want to take and have been given the resources I need to reach my goal of becoming an RN. I truly believe my school is the best in my town because of the amount of love and spirit we have for our school. The administration has done their part and I hope they will continue to do an outstanding job managing the school. The only flaw I would like to see improve is the lack of participation in clubs and sports from the lower classmen. It is up to the students if they want to apply themselves to extracurriculars or not, but I have seen a common problem in the younger generations...laziness. I have seen freshmen care little about academics and more about popularity and it saddens me. I hope some of them become motivated and want to learn.
I enjoyed attending Cibola High School. The school had a friendly environment and cared about the students. Lots of services were available like after school tutoring and career exploration.
I enjoyed being able to make friends through he Agriculture program. A lot of the time the administration didn't do their jobs very well, but Cibola has some excellent teachers. I'd prefer that the counseling office cared a little bit more when a teacher made a student cry in front of a class of thirty students. There's always going to be ups and downs in high school, and iI think that the excellence of most of the teachers and the friends I've made brought the "ups," and the administration and the horrible teachers brought the "downs." These two categories in the school have prepared me for life and the difficulties that will be brought to me throughout my life.
My years at Cibola High School were not only memorable but truly one of a kind. From various school events and programs, this school is very fun. Each and every student has many opportunities to further their education as well as take away valuable information after highschool. Not to mention, this is very diverse and even has an LGBT+ club that is available to students.
There are many opportunities for us students to be involved in afterschool activities but I would raise the standards to be teaching there.
One of the best public schools in Yuma, Would choose it over any of the others any day. Compared to the lack of intensiveness, It is one of the few, at least I found, that actually cares about students pursuing a higher education. This school also has great deal of sports/clubs with varying activities/involvement for each.
Drugs,admin didn't care to report abuse with teachers. Don't care if kids go on to collage , or even graduate. So teacher have worked so long at school they don't care about teaching kids the right math or if there doing drugs in the class.
Cibola is a really good school. The people there are incredibly helpful and overall a good school. One thing i would like to be changed tho is the band system. Its not very good.
I really enjoy how the school does have a lot of spirit, teacher involvement and especially the student body as a whole who work together to try and make our experience better than other schools in town. I would like to see more students involved and especially more of the faculty and administration helpful, and involved.
The teachers actually care about the students and they don't want any of them to fail or feel left out.
Cibola is a good school it has helped me. I think the people there are very nice and friendly. Like all schools there's some amazing teachers and others that not so much. There's resources and help you just have to look for them.
For a small town Cibola high school has given people a lot of opportunity. Cibola is the best school academically in Yuma Arizona.
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Ive always wanted to go to cibola when I was a little girl . Both of my older brothers graduated and I feel as being the last child should carry that tradition. I love the sports, teachers, learning atmosphere. I play volleyball and tennis since freshman year. It’s my senior year still going strong love the coaches and being athletic. Having to do school and sport could be a challenge but teacher are very helping . I can’t imagine going anywhere else. The fun activities and events are great. I never feel unsafe at school I know now of days students could have that in the back of there minds but cibola makes me feel safe. I love the saying it’s a great day to be a raider also brightens my mornings.
Cibola High has been an amazing place to continue my education and prepare for collage. Something that I would hope to be put into place for future students is more preparation for the ACT. Since the ACT is such an important test I believe that almost monthly review would be the best benefit for students. However whatever Cibola may lack in ACT preparation it more than makes up for in the welcome and loving environment the evident in Cibola’s choir room. My own love for music and my fellow students has been augmented due to the nurturing care of our Choir director Mr. Stroup. His dedication to not only cultivating a love of music and a passion for the arts but also growing the seeds of perseverance and leadership in order to help his students achieve the best possible future more than portrays the excellent life skills also being instilled in the students of Cibola.
My experience with Cibola High School has been pretty great. It's been a fun 4 years with good memories made with amazing friends. Academically, it's pretty good, I've learned a lot and have really enjoyed my classes. One things that I'd like to see change is the involvement of the students at the school.
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