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It was ok going to school there. All and all the building was ok but it seemed a little boxed in the facilitys are old and there's not that much variety of classes. The one bright side is that the teachers there try to make learning fun.
I liked the teachers the most, while I had some bad ones, the good ones will always override them. The one thing I would like to see change is how much money is given to the after school activities that isn't sports. I was a thespian, and our theatre is falling apart. I know a lot of other activities don't get a whole lot of money, and I just want everyone to be included on everything possible.
I had a wonderful time in high school, and I am sad to go. My teachers are amazing people that have taught me a lot and prepared me for college.
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I like cibola very much. It has a great drama program that I love. Unfortunately, I do not play any school sports but I know that there are many sports offered and some of them do very well. Most of my teachers have been great, with the exception of a few. The students are pretty friendly and it is a good environment to learn in. I just wish we had a study hall so I could have more time to do homework.
The teachers are always willing to help students and take the extra time to listen. They are available before and after school to tutor or answer questions on class work.
just moved to area no kids of my own, but I pass the school everytime I go out and have seen kids move about respectfully of traffic and others, have attended their car wash
Cibola High School was a pretty good school. My experience there wasn't bad, I didn't see any bullying, there were tons of activities to get involved in and the teachers I had were really helpful. In terms of college readiness, I'd say cibola did a pretty good job, considering I do have a 3.8 in college. There is also the fact that the environment at cibola is pretty diverse. Throughout my time there I was able to meet a plethora of exchange students and you really don’t feel singled out for being a specific race/ethnicity or Religion. Overall Cibola was a pretty good school to attend.
Cibola High School is truly a school that could never be forgotten, ranging from memories of grind circles at dances to students mowing through the halls to get to the lunch line. Cibola is rated rather low in test scores and has a high percentage of drop outs, but does not contain any noticable Gang Violence or rampid bullying. We simply do not have the best education in the United States because of APS’s acts to control what teachers teach to their students. Cibola, being inside of one of the most diverse states in the nation contains students and teachers of all ethnicities. This sets an enviornment of acceptance for everybody as well as makes the workplace more fun and interesting.
Our facilities are not the best. Cockroaches are spotted inside of the bathroom constantly. People constantly forget to flush the toilets which makes the smell horrid almost 50% of the time.
I would like to see more students be more involved and more school spirt and support both the girls and boys sports equally. I did enjoy going to school because of all the friends I made
in attending college.Cibola High School was an overall poor experience. Due to an unintelligent administration safety, quality of teachers, and overall feelings about attending the school were negative. Cibola is very poor in preparation for college in the idea that teachers never pushed their students or showed any general interest in their students furthering their education after graduation. In addition to this there were very limited to no resources given to students who expressed interest iin
I graduated from Cibola in 2013. I had a wonderful high school experience and was able to excel in my classes, typically due to excellent teachers. I enjoyed playing sports and was involved in my clubs and student government. So many opportunities for every child attending!
Teachers are committed to seeing the students succeed! They take extra time to help students before class and at lunch or after school.
Cibola High School is a good school. The teachers there are very nice and encouraging. My high school years there, were good. I learned a lot of valuable things about life and growing up.
It’s alright except some teachers can be stiffy. The hallways are usually clean unless the janitors don’t want to work, which can happen every so often. The sports programs are great with great coaches and players. Robotics is also good with a good teacher and committed students
It was definitely better than Albuquerque High, I actually got help from teachers and it's a very nice school even though you don't really get service in the building.
Cibola is a good school, the teachers—especially at the AP level—really care about their students' education and well being. Even though Cibola is overpopulated and old, it meets my standards for an American public school.
They need to be more strict on some of their rules, such as, dress code, vaping and smoking, and language. However, there are many amazing teachers and administrators.
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I’ve had a great experience at Cibola. I love the teachers and students it’s a great environment to be in.
The extracurriculars at Cibola are fun and they offer a variety of electives. Some teachers can be very engaging, but many seem too stressed to deal with all their students and rarely give anyone the benefit of the doubt.
Great school with some amazing teachers and staff. There is a large emphasis put on sports, extracurricular activities, and doing well in school.
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