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I hate this school. You couldn’t pay me to go back. I wish that no other child would have to bare the horrendous crimes that occur daily at this child prison. The food BAD. The teachers BAD. The actual building it self BAD. Basically if you hate your kid and want them to suffer through school (if they can even make it to graduation) then this is a perfect school for them!
What I like about Churchill is how diverse we are. As a young black women it's nice to have diversity around me, and it's very important to me, considering my town is dominantly white. I love seeing different cultures and people who've all had different experiences.
Churchill High School focuses on obeying our principles of school life. These principles are represented throughout the whole school by PRIDE-
Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Each and every student must obey these principles. PRIDE is what I like. And I will continue to like until I graduate. The teachers at Churchill love their job and support each student through any sorts of hardships. I wish Churchill would focus on current world issues and work as a community to ease the worry of these world issues. For example, mental health!! We currently only have councilors who are skilled I'm scheduling and nothing more. From personal experience, I did not receive the proper treatment when I went to councilor for some reassurance that everything would be fine. I was under so much stress due to family issues and currently was not in the best mindset.
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I went to a private middle school with a strong sense of family and when I came to Churchill I found that same sense of family and closeness. I really enjoy the atmosphere at Churchill and the strong sense of School spirit. Churchill is very diverse and there’s a lot of student involvement and opportunities to express your opinions.
Availability of the International High School and access to dual enrollment, student to teacher ratio
I've personally had an excellent experience at Churchill. While I have heard stories of bullying and troubling teachers, those issues seem to be isolated or quickly handled, as I have never witnessed or experienced any negativity, and have absolutely adored my teachers and formed deep connections with my peers.
Great math teachers, but that’s about all. This school guides you to the local community college and nothing past that. As a graduating senior this year, I have realized the lack of support from staff in achieving higher education and expected more from counselors and teachers.
I am a senior at Churchill High School, and overall, it has been a good run. I am apart of the AVID organization and Churchill Health Services Pathway. I feel confident in graduating and beginning college, based on the college and AP classes I have taken. I receive support and assistance on a daily basis. One flaw is our funding. Being a softball player, we receive no support (money wise) towards our program, along with other athletics as well. Additionally, our class sizes are generally pretty large.
It has been a great experience to be a student at Churchill. The teachers are very nice and has made me a better student and person. We have a pretty diverse school, everyone is treated equal. What I think should be changed is that there should be classes that you take to get ready for the real world like what to expect when you leave highschool.
The staff and teachers at Churchill care very much about their students. However, Churchill does not have enough teachers to teach all of the desired courses.
As I am now a senior, I can definitively say that my four years at Churchill High School have been a wonderful experience. The school is filled with a diverse and inclusive group of students and excellent, dedicated faculty. One aspect of CHS that is unique is the many programs that are offered to students to help discover interests and possible careers. Some of these programs include the Health Academy, Graphic Design Academy, and Engineering Academy. I was involved in the Rachel Carson Academy which taught environmental science and natural resource management. This academy opened my eyes to something I was interested in as well as a provided me with a wonderful community separate from my other classes in which I made many new friends and developed a valuable connection with the two teachers of the program. Overall, I know that I will look back at my four years at CHS as a truly special time in my life.
The teachers truly believe that everyone can succeed in their classes. I have never felt uncomfortable asking for help in any subject.
Churchill is an okay school. I had a lot of good experiences, and the staff tries to make it a welcoming environment. There aren't a lot of opportunities to achieve above-average academics, as it's expected that most CHS kids who go to college will go community/in-state, so kids who are looking for more have to hold their own re: finding resources. Low points for diversity because it's Oregon. Food is bad because it's cafeteria fare. It would be nice if there were more than 5 windows in the whole building-would love to know what the outside world looks like! The sports teams are good and and there's a crowd at home games. School spirit doesn't extend much beyond that. There are a few great teachers, and a few that made me want to die. The complaints I have about Churchill are the ones that I think pretty much any high school student could give. Highs and lows; people I love, people I loathe. It's high school. What the hell else can I say about it?
When I first began high school, I was incredibly nervous. I was going from a tiny charter school to a school with over 1,000 students. To me, this was large. As I got used to that first big change, I realized that 1,000 people really isn’t too bad. I found a community at Churchill through the International High School program, and the teachers were generally passionate about their job and willing to put in the work for their students to succeed. Every now and again there would be some drama between friend groups and the overall rudeness that often comes with teenagers, but the school never succumbed to outrageous scandals or gossip. It was a generally positive experience for me.
Some of the teachers at Churchill were not organized and some of them even acted like teenagers at times. The books and materials were falling apart and dated. Not a lot was done about bullying.
They have a few incredible teachers. Teachers who actually love what they do, and want to help you in any way to fall in love with it too. The staff works extremely hard to create a safe environment for everyone. Churchill has created such an amazing community that I will always remember.
Churchill was a lot of things. We had sports and theater. Our teacher really cared about us as school and as individuals. But there was one thing that made not like about school. That was the fact they didn't anything about bullying and students get harassed day after day because they were different. The staff didn't do anything about it. they were more worried about the alethic passing classes then people knocked into wall who already has brain damage
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Amazing theater and arts department, great sports deportment, as well as many amazing pathways to help students towards their goals. The teachers are extremely dedicated to helping their students succeed.
Even though I'm only a freshman at Churchill I can most definitely say that Churchill High School is a loving and caring environment with many diverse people to become friends with. Even if you are the most introverted person, there are always friendly people there to be with.
Churchill offers something for every student. There are abundant opportunities to explore career interests by choosing a pathway to follow during your Junior and Senior year. Diversity is welcomed, teachers go the extra mile that you would expect in s high school, and the location is great.
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