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I have 2 children that attended this school from kindergarten to grade 12. One is still there. I love having uniforms. The boys look like gentlemen and the girls, like ladies. If the parents are involved and support their children, they can excel. (unless the child is stubborn or lazy) It is a caring environment. I never have to worry if my children are safe.
There sadly are no extracurricular activities in this school.
The athletic facilities are average being that there is only one gym in the school. The only sport that they have for the girls to join is volleyball and the only sport that the boys can join in is basketball. These sports are optional, but most students want to participate.
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You'll probably get less peer pressure and challenges here then you would in other school because mostly every student(only 92 students in the school) agrees on the same thing. However, there is no religious diversity. the teachers want you to be a christian and nothing else.
The academics are great, but it all depends on the child. The curriculum works in a certain way that in the beginning of the year they give you a certain amount of work to do(which equals a grade). If you finish all that work early then you can move on to another grade without having to wait for the rest of your classmates, so you can move ahead if your diligent. The bad part is that if your not a focused student then you can spend a very long time in one grade, because if you don't finish that grade in a year, it'll just prolong to the next year.
I loved my school because it gave me the opportunity to graduate at age 15. It may have less activities (plays,clubs,extracurricular,etc.) that other schools have but its still good. I would definitely choose to go there again.
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