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Chugiak high school had practically no diversity the academics were not well taught and many of my friends said they would rather die then go to school
During my time at Chugiak high school I made a lot of friends with not just students but teachers and faculty too. Every teacher, councilor, and principal has your best interest at heart and are always looking for ways to help you succeed. They offer really good and fun learning courses such as oceanography and business marketing which were two of my favorite classes. I always had help from the staff if they thought something was wrong and they made sure I graduated without any problems. In my opinion Chugiak high school was a great place to get my high school diploma.
This school is by far the best the teachers and the staff are all here to help us succeed in our day to day activities at Chugiak High school, you just need to get out there and ask for help if you need it they are all willing to help each and everyone of us. I'm a senior currently attending the Teachers are so nice and one of them has helped me through thick and thin when I needed her the most she helped me move on and get to where I needed to be and the best I can be so did the other teachers that have taught me over the years. Especially in math, I needed the help I could get my math Teacher made sense and went slow in the meanings of what we needed to learn in each lesson that we had everyday she was there to help all of us in the class. So yes I had a good time here :)
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I loved how much school involvement we have with sports and activities. Though we are a very community connected school, we don't have a lot of clubs. I wish there were dance teams and a stronger preforming arts program.
Chugiak was the neighborhood high school. Socially everything that you see on tv about high school student hierarchies was true at Chugiak. There were a few freatteachers. The school tried hard to make everyone feel welcome.
I had a pretty good time in Chugiak, but if I was to change anything, it would be to have more courses relating to life after school, something more relevant to life after school.
I feel like Chugiak should become more involved in student activities such as dances and extra curriculars. For example most other schools have a sadies, Valentine’s dance, winter ball, etc. all we have is prom and homecoming and I think more activities like this would increase student morality and give us something to look forward to.
Chugiak is a great school for high achieving students, but I wish they offered more AP classes. The teachers genuinely want students to do well and learn.
It was pretty good. When I was a senior I had a pretty good time, but some things were a bit of a let down. When I went to prom, the prom was in a museum, which is ok, but it was a small room and quickly got pretty hot in there. I would rather it be in the school cafeteria or gym, those were easily three times the size. Graduation was a bit of a let down for me too, just because I would have preferred it outside or something.
Smaller class sizes gives a more personal approach to learning and the connections between students and teachers gives a feeling of security to the students.
It was an ok school. Some of the teachers are terrible. Teaches common core, which I did not like. Several of the teachers are very politically biased, and often aren't afraid to share their views.
School is very diverse in it's studies. From having a Spanish immersion program to ROTC. Sports at the school are competitive also. Teachers have been very helpful to the students and they try hard to make sure everyone is involved.
I like the teachers and staff of Chugiak. They are very welcoming and love to help/give time to students who need it. However, the students are very rude and soemtimes even judgmental.
I like the environment in Chugiak High school because it is very friendly and easy-going. Everyone is super friendly and will help you find your class room if you get lost in the school. I would recommend joining a sport your freshmen year because your teammates become your family and friends for life.
Chugiak is a very sport centered school. Academics generally come first or second to the students, and teachers were almost always there to help if i needed it.
I liked the atmosphere and vibe around Chugiak. The teachers were friendly and very cooperative with students. The administration was fair with its students.
It is a fairly small high school so everyone knows everyone, even if you've never talked. Teachers are great and students are generally kind.
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Chugiak has been an interesting experience thus far in my high school career. I've developed amazing relationships with teachers, especially those whom I've had for multiple years. Even some teachers that have only taught me for a single year, I've come back to, to ask for help with my life, or even just catch up. Chugiak has some of the best teachers who really go the extra mile for their students and become friends with students. The only problems I've really had is with some of the administration reaching their hands into sports programs and overstepping their power.
Chugiak is a good school to attend. The teachers are fun and the classes aren't boring but still teach well. I recommend the AP classes and advanced classes if applicable because the teachers are very hands-on and interested in student success.
Socially it could use improvement. There are always drug busts going down but the teacher are not that good either. There are some that make this school worth going to but overall it has really gone downhill since my dad went there.
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