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Students and parents have limited access to counselors when there are scheduling, social or academic concerns and directed to leave a message or come back later. The school is small, elementary, MS/HS are separate and have separate staff. So, there is no reason that a call can't be answered immediately or within an hour. Bullying needs to be addressed on a whole school level with an active anti-bullying campaign. Some teachers look the other way. Athletes are celebrated in spite of bullying. Fine arts are less valued. There are no letter jackets or letter awards for excellence in fine arts. This school sometimes forgets to teach Christ-like principles that reach outside the classroom. Recent efforts are being made by the school to involve students in outreaches to the community. This should have come before adding more activities a long time ago. The new administrator is making many efforts to make this a great school, but I hope to see improvement in the mentioned areas.
I have spent several good years at Christian Life School. However, I have seen the arts be overlooked for the benefit of the athletic departments and the administrators aren't exactly the best at communicating upcoming extracurricular events.
Teachers center education on a Christian foundation. It's changing and developing every year. Student culture needs to improve, there isn't much school pride in the students. Some teachers do really care about their students.
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CLS is very focused highly on academics, as well as extra-curricular activities, such as: fine arts, athletics, and clubs. During my time at CLS, I have seen some of our athletic teams attend state competitions, and have seen many victories for our teams. We have missions trips to multiple countries, and have trips in our own country for those who do not feel comfortable leaving the country. Our fine arts have trips every other year, where we generally compete against other schools in choral and orchestral competitions. The school has very high security measures including security officers watching before and after school, and we also have a security guard on deck at all times inside the school. We also have a foreign exchange program, where students from many different countries come to our school and live with host families that are a part of our school. Our class sizes generally range about 22 students to 1 teacher, giving the students much more one on one with the teacher.
I have had a very positive experience with Christian Life School over the past few years. They have excellent teachers that are willing to help, know matter what the cost. The school excels in extracurricular activities, so you will never be bored. One thing I would change is the dress code, I feel like it is too strict.
My son will be entering 2nd at Christian Life School. Overall I feel it is an above average school. However, the student teacher ratio is my issue. There were two first grade classes this year. One had 22 kids in it. The other had 23 kids. When we first look at Christian Life School there big selling point was student to teacher ratio. The claimed no more than 15 to 17. That is why we choose to pay the 6500 (Tuition has increased) to go there. It feels so dishonest and they didn't address it like no one would notice if they pretended nothing changed.
They hired a full time athletics position specifically to "develop" the boys basketball program and another position for advertising and basketball coach for the girls team. They should have used that money for a third teacher rather than combining the three kindergarten classes.
I went to CLS from kindergarten to 8th grade. I left due to the lack of extracurricular activities, sports teams, and electives. This school was previously ran by two families who held a lot of positions of power. It is a little difficult to report student issues to the dean of students when their daughter is a student as well.
I mean this with all due respect but, my experience here has not been the greatest. I feel very sheltered and despise it being " college prep ". So far there's no way this is " real life prep " school. There are very limited electives and classes. I've had classes that I would have enjoyed but because of the teacher it made me lose interest. There is no real track, football field, baseball/soft field, or bleachers. The food is pretty good. A lot of the people act the same as in a larger school. You see the same people every day. You may get your " daily dose of Jesus " here but you won't get a taste of what the real world is like that other high schools give.
My time at Christian Life as a student has been really great. The smaller environment has created a very focused and driven mindset in all the teachers and students. The teachers are very personal and helpful, making life as a student much easier. I have also played varsity volleyball and the teachers have always been flexible and helpful in order to make my time as a student and athlete as smooth as possible.
The idea this school holds is a great idea however it becomes hypocritical when they do not follow through with what they hold as morals. Take for example, their new no bullying policy that when approached by a student to get help regarding the students bullying them they call your claim absurd based on the relationship they hold with the student accused, even when that student is not the only student to report the bullies.
High quality education. Really cares about each student and their spiritual development. The teachers go out of their way to make a positive difference in the students’ lives.
Over the years of going to this school, I have experienced many different situations from good to bad. But overall it has been a phenomenal experience.
Love my teachers! They truely care about you. Feel challenged mentally. Encouraged to be my best. Making lifelong friends.
I think that there could be some changes to the school, but then again not every school is perfect. I think that the school needs to work on the areas of community, such as having more of a diversity of clubs, but we as students also need to become more involved as well. Also, I would love to see some change with the art program. It seems to small for me. Granted, it is a very small school, but as someone who is interested in pursuing a career in art, i wish i was exposed to a better art program. Other than a few other things, I had a good high school career here, where I was able to grow as a person and develop my talents, but also be around a good group of friends.
Christian Life School is a school for grades daycare through seniors in high school. It helps to prepare students socially, academically and spiritually to impact their world for God. The staff and students are friendly and accepting, easy to talk to, and fun to be around. The atmosphere is amazing and it displays great amounts of Christ-like living.
I transferred into Christian Life in sophomore year. I was not getting the proper education and assistance in my previous H.S. It was a hard adjustment, but my grades have improved immensely and I have become more involved in drama, photography and sports. I became the mascot of my school, as well as started the illusionist club, based of my interest in performing magic.
This school was extremely abrasive and controlling of my school life and my home life. I struggled so much with being myself and not being able to act normally there. The environment is pushy and controlling.
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I love how kind all of the teachers are, and they are willing to help you if you contact them. Students are nice and friendly, any new student will have no problem fitting in.
I attended Christian Life School for all four years of high school. Academically, the classes were well-structured and were taught by capable and knowledgeable faculty. The courses provided challenging material that would prepare a student well for the rigorous coursework of university. The staff and faculty also place a high emphasis on encouraging students to develop a Christian worldview, and teaching students how to advance spiritually in their faith. While the school does offer a mixture of clubs and organizations, areas for improvement could include a greater variety of extracurricular activities. Overall, I had a good high school experience at Christian Life School.
I am very grateful to be able to work along side so many wonderful staff members and students. These blessing are multiplied many times over by the fact that my daughter has the opportunity to learn and grow in her walk with God while getting a superior education. Awesome School!
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