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I feel very fortunate to have attended CBA. It was a very welcoming community that felt like a brotherhood. In terms of academics, I felt I was challenged and had great, caring teachers. I felt that I was more than prepared for the transition to college. While many others seemed to struggle around me with the new college workload and lifestyle, I felt more than prepared and if anything, I felt like it was an extension of my experience at CBA. I was also very impressed with the administration and their commitment to making the CBA experience the best possible. They were caring and were available to help you all the time. The JROTC aspect seemed daunting at first, but was very enjoyable. It was a great way to build camaraderie and I felt like it gave me confidence and leadership skills. I would most definitely recommend the school to prospective parents if they're looking for a safe, inclusive community with a great academic program and much more to offer.
Christian Brothers Academy has offered me an incredible opportunity in life that I would not have gotten anywhere else. The Brothers, teachers, and administrators all guided me on a path to a professional field, that I would've never dreamed of having not gone to CBA. The lessons taught here: respect, brotherhood, and faith, prepared me as much for life as my college education. The friendships built here, the relationships that the boys have with one another, and the academic and extracurricular program have no rival anywhere. The current administration and staff continue to build on CBA's 160-year legacy by brining in top teaching talent, and dedicated administrators who support the mission and tradition of CBA. If you want your son to be put on a path to excel, in an environment that fosters respect for others, faith-based values, and seriousness for academics, there is no better choice than CBA.
Very good school overall. Great academic program, great athletics program, and a great school to go to prepare for college and beyond.
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The JROTC program was great. It really developed us students into young men and gave us a chance to be in a leadership position early on in life. I would not change a thing about my experience at CBA.
CBA is an excellent school. They strive to promote an atmosphere of excellence and are always looking to enhance the curriculum, the facilities, and programs offered at the school. CBA's athletic programs are top notch and are very competitive. In terms of college preparation, most CBA graduates go on to college and are well prepared academically as well as socially. If you are looking for an alternative school for your son, than this is the school for you.
CBA was an incredible place in which I grew as both a student and as a person. I made friendships at CBA that will last a lifetime.
My experience at CBA was beneficial in every way possible. From the dedicated teachers and staff, to the camaraderie felt throughout the school, to the lifelong friends, and everything in-between, CBA prepared me for college and for life. I did not struggle once I got to college like many of my peers did; in fact I felt confident and comfortable in my classes which solidified to me that my choice to go to CBA was a great decision. Aside from college, CBA instilled in me leadership skills and morals that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I credit CBA to getting me to where I am today and I am forever grateful for my experience there.
Excellent school for preparing for college and developing leadership skills. Teachers are always willing to help and administration works closely with the students
It was my decision to transfer to Christian Brothers Academy at the start of my high school career. I attended a public school prior to Christian Brothers Academy and thought that it wasn’t for me. I wanted to go to a smaller school that would benefit me in the long run, and I think I made the right decision in going to CBA.
CBA was a small private school compared to the large public school I went to the first 14 years of my life. The smaller private school allowed me to shine and stick out in the military program as leadership was one of the school’s top priorities.
To this day I think I made the right choice in deciding to go to CBA because it has prepared me for my future. The military program and the discipline the school teaches really helpsme figure out who I am as a person, which is why my experience at the school has been amazing.
I especially like the brotherhood at CBA. It's a tight group of young men who support each other, learn and grow together, all while having fun and learning life skills.
Christian Brothers Academy has helped develop me as a well-rounded student and person. Teachers are helpful and resourceful and want you to be successful.
I've enjoyed my time here and would recommend it to others in the future. I have a problem with the fact that the Business Office is asking us for donations before we even graduate when we're already paying tuition. The Administration can be kind of annoying some days.
Love CBA. Amazing school and you won't regret sending your son here. Also ranked #6 in the nation for military academies.
Christian Brothers Academy is a private Catholic college preparatory junior and senior high school for boys founded in 1859 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. The reason I love Christian Brothers Academy is the Brotherhood you create will every kid in your class. At CBA you have a saying that, "A boy’s time at CBA is not about education; it’s about life’s journey. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be challenges and triumphs, but through it all, something special happens at CBA. Success becomes commonplace. Boys become men."
CBA was a life changing experience. Sporting a plethora of clubs, activities, sports, leadership activities, JROTC program, community involvement/service initiative, and college preparatory mindset it presents young men with the structure and incite to succeed in college and the real world. Ever boy to go into CBA comes out a young man who is well kept, can manage his personal happenings, academics, had well developed leadership skills and feel a deep connection with his community. One cannot forget the brotherhood that is developed and solidified in each man to leave the school.
There are strong punishments for students who are caught doing drugs or alcohol on or off campus that include getting kicked out of the school. There is no tolerance for fights and bullies; drug sniffing dogs patrol the hall on a random schedule.
The coaching and talent of the boys creates the best teams despite modest facilities; it is an advertisement that having the best facilities is not the answer to having the best teams. CBA has outstanding sports teams despite its small size and modest facilities. It athletes are academic and operate at grade level or above; there is no "social passing" of students into grades where the student cannot perform academically.
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This is a small Catholic school run by the Christian Brothers; it does not receive aid from the local Catholic Diocese which only supports Diocesan run schools. Despite the less rich facilities of the public schools including the inner city schools of Albany, Troy and Schenectady, the community of teachers, administrators and students creates an outstanding environment for learning and building of self confidence and character for the young men who attend CBA.
The Admissions Process rewards academics, music and sportsmanship. There are merit scholarships and needs based scholarships. The Christian Brothers provides funding to help run the school. The Mission to produce leaders and serve the poor is great. About 1/2 the boys (young men) are in some type of honors class. There is real challenge for the boys and an opportunity to rise to a high level of expectation. In the local public schools AP and honors classes are limited to a smaller percentage of the students and boys are under-represented in the AP classes.
The faculty is nearly 75% to 80% men who are excellent teachers, mentors and coaches. The large portion of men and Jr ROTC program gives the school a structure totally different from the local public schools. The small classes (about 80 per year in HS) allow for all the faculty to know the young men and to give a sense of belonging to each who call each other "Brother." The Christian Brother Community provides scholarships to those with economic need; there is an entrance exam so the academic level is high for all, even the athletes. There are limited accommodations for those with special needs; there are no 1:1 aides for students. Class room disruption is not tolerated and students are expelled or suspended for infractions of the code of conduct.
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