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Both of my children attended this school from K-12. It is the only educational experience they had until they graduated from high school. They have both since gone on to college and graduated with honors and distinction. They are both working in the health fields-one as a Speech Language Pathologist, and the other is working on their Doctorate of Occupational Therapist. They excelled among their classmates in both undergraduate and graduate schools. They were very well-prepared and received a variety of honors in these college programs. I believe this speaks very well for the solid academic foundation they received at CA, and the characters and skills the school helped to develop within them.
This school has taught me a lot about what being a good person means. I personally have had a good experience In sports and in the chorus and Have witnessed our first two state championships for varsity boys basketball. It is an overall good facility and has wonderful staff.
As an elementary parent, I am experiencing Christian Academy from a new perspective. My son loves the school so much, I have a hard time taking him home. He loves his teachers, his friends, and has already started to develop school pride. The way he talks about school gives me great joy in thinking our sacrifice is so worth it! Besides the excellent academic attention he is receiving, I have to say that how he is developing a caring heart for others because of the faith element present in those classrooms fills my heart!
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I came to CA my freshman year. I was greeted by a friendly student body and a cool staff. The time I was there I made great friends and had a lot of fun. I played baseball, basketball, and announced for the basketball games. Also this school ins't the biggest so the student body is more like a family, everyone knows everybody which was pretty cool. I recommend going to this school!
I like this school, but I do think the dress code is severely strict. I get that girls wear short shorts but with St. Louis weather, I do not think the girls should be forced to wear either pants or dresses that come to your knee because the number of dresses you can find with that length isn't a lot. I think the teachers and administration should work on that. Other than that I think this school is amazing and does a great job of preparing me for my future.
The thing I love most about Christian Academy is the family environment. No one feels excluded in school becuause we all make a conscious effort to include everybody, and make everyone feel loved. That's what a family does. Also, my school is very diverse! Because of the family aspect we are a shinning example on how to shut down bad race relations. Hopefully when we all graduate we can spread this Christ like, attitude wherever we go. The only thing I'd like to change is people's willingness to get involved. Lately it's like pulling teeth when we try to be spirited.The new "norm" is that it's cool to not show you care. It's absolutely ridiculous. So far my senior class has been putting an end to that kind of attitude and I take much pride in us for that. Hopefully this will shape the lively and spirited attitudes of our peers. Other then that I am so grateful I get to attend Christian Academy. God has blessed me, as well as the students and faculty of my school.
High Christian Values, very safe environment, students have a lot of opportunity for leadership and involvement, but the students have not been able to be utilize the A plus program
The teachers my daughter has had for the past couple of years have been great. In the 7 years she had attended CA there have only been 2 teachers that were not adequate and they are no longer there
Lots of sports available for both boys and girls. The school is very small - approximately 200 students from K thru 12
The overall performance has been very good by the school. the principal gives all of her time in so many ways as does her entire family. The counselor cannot be beat by any measure. there have been a couple of teachers that my daughter has had over the years that were not good at their job. Unfortunately one of them was a math teacher who my daughter had a couple of years. He was complained about and the principal did sit in on the class which he taught much differently in her presence. I wish he would have been let go because I am certain there are more kids that had a difficult time with the math they had following his classes.

There was another bible teach/PE teacher who was awful and crappy teacher. He is also gone
With the exception of one, my teachers were great. The chorus teacher was especially engaging and controlled the classroom well. Most teachers are generally open to student ideas for reviews before tests or activities during class.
As said before, the teachers are pretty great about staying after for tutoring if you need help on a certain concept, to take a test you missed, etc. They offer an ACT Prep class; I don't really know anything about it. Parents are kind of involved; they come to games, help out with fundraisers, etc. The building is old and funding is low so major repairs are done but minor issues can't be fixed. There is a janitor who is cleaning pretty often, but hallways still get gross and the cafeteria flooring sometimes has stains and spills.
Some students fight and bully each other, not every day but kind of often. There is no nurse on staff.
The principal is fairly involved with the students, and one can go talk to the principal anytime about an issue one might be having. Most of the teachers are helpful and friendly with not too many rules, but you have to go out of your way to ask for help. The guidance counselor is the science teacher, which may seem kind of strange, but I never had to go so I don't know.
They don't have much options other than sports. They have chess club and journalism and that's about it, but since they were both on the same day students had to pick one or the other.
They admit pretty much any students, students expelled from public school for gang violence and drug reasons. You have to apply to be admitted, and tuition is fairly low for St. Louis, but as it is such a small school, they'll admit pretty much anybody.
The teachers are very educated and have their degree. There are a couple of teachers teaching style I do not like but helps out with a lot of children in my class, so it all depends on you and how you learn. Students become very interested, the teachers make it interesting and exciting, which is great for me. I wish most of them wear visual teachers, most of them just talk. They are compassionate about what they teach and how they teach it. they make sure we get it and understand it, if not they work with us after school or through emails. They are great altogether, I'm glad they are my teachers.
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Counselors, we don't have any counselors but our principal is who we go to for help and information on the school. The involvement of the principal and office staff are incredible and very helpful when it comes to our needs and advice. They are willing to talk to you one on one, they are so great, we are close to them: such as going over their house, talking to them on email, and cell phones. As bullying goes it is not tolerated and acceptable in this school. There will be precautions and consequences if so. Bullying is very big thing for my school, if it is done and the principal knows about it, you are in big trouble, good luck with that. Dress code is not an issue at all, we can wear jeans and t shirts everyday, or can wear dresses and skirts but there are not uniforms. There are restrictions to what we wear, with jeans, we must be conservative, no rip jeans or sagging pants, hats when allowed and shoes must stay on at all times. In the gym we can not wear flip flops or Nike wear flip flops because of the injuries that occurred a while back, tripping, falling and scraping the floor.
My school is great, we do not have a school nurse but as bullying goes, bullying is not tolerated and not acceptable, my school is very strict on bullying, it leads to suspension or in house. Safety services and security services, we are monitored and protected through the entire day and including after school activities. Doors are locked and cameras are recorded and there were an intruder, we intruder drills to insure that we will be safe in the environment. My school is really safe and with the Lord on our side, God is able to protect us.
You have your core classes and you have your electives. They both provide, four types math, four types of science, four types of history, two languages spanish and french, art, journalism, creative writing, and keyboarding. The teacher are very nice and willing to help you no matter what the cause is, they want your attention and they want you to be involved at all times, extra and extra points for doing so. With the work they do give us can be challenging and can be very easy, it all depends on you. The curriculum is very standard and strict meaning the classes are there to challenge us and get us to think. You can have workload and then you cant, it all depends on you and how you work. For me I have to workload can be very heavy for me because when they give it to me, I don't get right to it but I'm learning now how to manage my time and get things together. I'm learning to work soon as a i get it because the next day I might get even more work so its best to do it when you get it.
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