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I had two sons, very different personalities, who attended Christchurch School as boarding students and it was the perfect school for both of them. The quality of the education, commitment of the faculty/staff, strong sense of community, and unique opportunities (locally, regionally, and globally) make CCS a truly extraordinary educational experience.
Although my first year at Christchurch was so bad I nearly dropped out, every year since improved drastically. I am very glad I stuck with it. The teachers are excellent, and the community is welcoming once you find your place. I love the diversity in the student body, and being around other people who truly wanted to learn was exciting and fun. I feel fully prepared for college, and have made great memories at Christchurch.
This school afforded my son an outstanding education with teachers who took a personal interest in supporting and guiding him to achieve at the highest levels in both his academics and his chosen sport. Traveling to India with his classmates changed his perspective on the world and winning a national championship inspired and challenged him. We made the right choice by having him attend Christchurch School.
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CCS students grow into themselves, they start to push towards the adults they will become, in a nurturing atmosphere that provides expectations of conduct and interaction without suppressing either.

We were delighted with the approach of Christchurch towards our son, both as an individual and as part of a learning community. Now, post-graduation, it goes without saying that we think our family investment has been a great one --one that will continue to produce benefits and positive surprises throughout our son’s life.
Christchurch School is a nurturing, learning community that meets students where they are in their educational journey and challenges them to excel in academics, develop social skills and grow their spiritual lives. I look back on my Christchurch School experience and smile.
My son is a rising senior and under no circumstances would he have attended the local high school in our area. He has matured, given opportunities to showcase his talent and bond with people learning their culture in a way that he never would have had he not attended this school!
Christchurch is a wonderful school set on a beautiful piece of property. You will not find college campuses as pretty as CCS. There is a diverse student body from all of the globe and the immersion curriculum truly is great for preparing kids for the real world. Has a family feel as well. The faculty is invested in the school since the live on or near campus. Great food too!
This small school helped me become the strong confident person I am today. They meet students where they are and inspire them to grow into the adult they want to become. A dedicated staff, small class size and beautiful river front location is true magic for any student.
As a past parent and board member I have been tremendously impressed with how Christchurch School has adapted and evolved to serve young people. The waterfront campus is beautiful and the community small enough that every member is known and valued. The graduates thrive in college and are leaders and good citizens. The alumni as well as current and past parents are very grateful and loyal to the school.
My four years at Christchurch School was the most impactful experience of my youth.

I was inculcated with a sense of Honor, accountability and teamwork.

My vocabulary was greatly expanded as was my ability to express myself
orally and in writing.

I entered College with confidence and a work ethic I did not realize was in my power to possess.

Classmates have remained friends since my graduation in 1958. I have recommended CCS to others and have been gratified to see their experiences have paralleled my own.

My son attended and graduated from Christchurch School. I could not be more proud of him and his experiences.

As a family we have and will support Christchurch School in many ways.
It continues to be an honor to be associated with Christchurch.
Christchurch was instrumental in preparing me for college life. CCS taught me the skills necessary to have an independent approach to learning and the ability to self-motivate for the competitive landscape in top tier colleges. Furthermore, the friendships I made with fellow classmates & CCS professors have proven to be some of my most cherished relationships in life.
The small classes. Access to teachers to discuss issues and get help if needed. Diversity is excellent as students are exposed to other cultures because the student body has students from around the world. The education that you receive helps you adapt to local. national and Global issues. Prepares you for not only college but life itself.
My sons have a great education there and loved the school.The campus on the Rappahannock River is beautiful.The faculty is excellent and caring.It is a close nit community
Christchurch School has a very wide range of students, although the total student body remains small. The school tries hard to meet the needs of individual students, both emotionally and academically. This can be achieved due to the small overall size. The real sense of community is felt across all areas life at Christchurch School. There is something for every type of student at Christchurch School, whether you choose to board or commute.
What was most important to our son, who Graduated from Christchurch School, was the teacher’s passion for making sure students were very good critical thinkers. Had college level writing skills when they graduated and my son cared about learning. I watched the school grow and improve the academic community each year.
Christchurch school is an Episcopal college preparatory school in eastern Virginia on the river that has educated young adults for nearly 100 years Tradition, education and a compassion of faculty and staff are exceptional.
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This school has been an outstanding experience for my son. His teachers authentically care about his welfare and challenge him both academically and in personal growth. His coach has made extraordinary experiences available. The global education has changed my sons life. I couldn’t say more emphatically what a wonderful choice this school is.
I came to Christchurch as a new student starting 9th grade, and was immediately welcomed by staff and students, who have now grown into family and the cultural diversity gives you a great high school experience, and for those who learn in different ways than public school offers, this school is a top selection for parents considering a different way of learning for their children, which is more interactive and more beneficial in preparing for living as an adult and going to college. 10/10 place and will forever be my second home.
Christchurch honors the past alumni that previously graduated from the school in Virginia. Not only being 3rd in the country for sailing, but also giving great academic challenge, Christchurch has a great campus with great faculty and students. The school itself is not only fantastic, but the future relationships are even better. Being a student here gives me the options and helps me path great success for the future being.
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